This week was weird. Our WWE stuff arrived the day of our event. We’d already announced that it would be legal for use if it was here on time. However, I literally got my box less than 10 minutes before the event started. So I took the build I’d already prepared, and replaced some cards in a hurry. And it turns out that one of the cards I added was, very much so, the team’s…


The Team:  Bah Gawd! Becky Lynch is killin’ em!

Format: Casual Golden Age (Modern recommended)

Ok, so after my last-minute scrambling, the team’s core strategy is now to rush my opponent down with Overcrushing Becky Lynch dice. So Becky is, obviously, the card I’m building around here. Two obvious pieces to use with her are Jerry Lawler and Booker T, both for their globals. Booker T forces my opponent to block Becky, and Jerry allows me to double the damage dealt by Becky when she’s blocked. These two work like peanut butter and jelly, and they allow Becky Lynch to serve up a nice knuckle sandwich to my opponent.

While Becky’s global gives me some measure of ramp, I still need some way to get her out quickly and get around her fielding costs. Yawning Portal’s almost too obvious a choice. Free fielding, purchasing discounts…you get the idea by now. In case Scarlet Witch decided to ruin my day, I decided to put Kree Captain as a backup method to get Becky Lynch quickly. And seeing as my build relies on me different types of energy at various times, I figured this was the perfect time to test out Intellect Devourer’s “give me anything” global (with the version I didn’t put on the Essentials List, just to test it for myself).

The rest of this team is strictly removal and counters. Shriek is Shriek, Scarlet Witch serves to hurt actions, Mimic is powerful removal (not to mention that if you field him often enough, he fuels Yawning Portal’s discounts!), and Eddie Guerrero serves to counter those pesky Static Field builds you might run into.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

My first opponent was Iceman. My first two turns were nuts: Prep a Yawning Portal T1, roll the portal and 2 sidekicks turn 2. Activate Portal, field sidekicks, turn 1 to energy with Intellect Devourer, buy Becky Lynch for 2, Shriek for 1, put both in the bag. I had some strong momentum by that point, and my opponent never had the chance to recover. Becky, fueled by Booker T and Jerry Lawler, dealt a metric ton of damage quickly, to the point where my opponent was at 5 life left on T4. My opponent had no way to stop me since I’d Shrieked his Shriek. I won the following turn.


Game 2:

Next up, I went up against a Manshoon + Seething Corruption build, relying on Ork Nob to push damage through. He quickly saw that I had the faster build. I went for a T1 Portal again (since it worked well last game). I didn’t do quite as well, but still well enough to set up a big attack early. Unfortunately, he never got his engine going, as I kept forcing his stuff to die way too quickly (and thus tied up a fair bit of his energy into paying for fielding costs). Becky pushed for damage every chance I got (with Jerry Lawler, trust me, dealing damage with Overcrush is not too hard). I kept up the pressure until he simply couldn’t stop Becky Lynch’s Overcrush damage. I won.


Game 3:

I finished off the evening against a Golden Age Dragons team. Honestly, this team was a tough matchup for both of us: both his build and mine thrive when opponents have low-toughness characters. And both of us had beefy tanks leading the charge. Complicating matters, he had Blink-Transmutation, which both of us could rely on, and Green Devil Mask, which continues to be the bane of my existence. My biggest advantage in this match was my lower purchase costs. He often had a hard time saving energy for Blink-Transmutation because his Dragons were more expensive. He played his hand smartly, though, and we were trading punches most of the game. Because his Dragons didn’t have Overcrush, however, I had the edge and could get damage through fairly regularly (especially with Jerry Lawler’s global!). This proved to be the deciding factor, and after a while, he couldn’t contain the Overcrushing madness. Note: I tried using the Booker T action to get around his bigger dragons, but it never rolled at an opportune time. Despite that, my steady damage made it so that he simply couldn’t contain my offense after a while, and I won.



-I know everyone is hyped for the 5-cost Becky Lynch (Maiden Ireland) because of that Wind Rider effect, but that 4-cost is so, so useful. It synergizes perfectly with Yawning Portal, which is perfect to get these mid-range characters for 1 or 2 energy (not to mention that the portal completely negates her fielding costs!). If I had 4 dice, I probably could’ve easily bought all of them. Personally, I’m on the fence as to which is better between the 4 and 5 cost. Expect both to show up in my Essentials List in the next update (coming soon!).

-This was my first time running Intellect Devourer, and I love it. The character himself is mostly irrelevant, but that global is a Swiss-army knife, and I foresee myself using it a fair bit. Before deciding to use it, though, look at what your build needs. If you rely strongly on a single energy type (e.g. most Iceman builds), then you probably should rely on a bolt fixer (e.g. Mjolnir). However, if you need multiple different energy types at the same time (e.g. needing fist AND shield on the same turn for the globals of this build, or bolts to get Portals), the flexibility you get from Intellect Devourer is incredibly useful.

-Who in their right mind decided to create a global that essentially doubles damage dealt with characters that have Overcrush? (Jerry Lawler) I wonder how that would interact with Thanos: Prove Love For Lady Death? Anyone up for a Double Double?

-Because we literally got our stuff the evening of our event, I was the only one who scrambled to put something together with the new WWE set. As a result, my opponents didn’t have Big E: Powerlifter’s Physique. I suspect he will be a key component of many, many builds in the foreseeable future to counter both Becky Lynch and the God Catcher. However, if you run Big E as a counter, watch out for Scott Hall’s global!

-Speaking of scrambling to put things together, if you want to see what I originally built, you can find it here if you’re curious.

And with all that said, this build felt like dirty pool. Becky Lynch is a major threat if you’re not prepared for her. Honestly, if you’re playing competitive, you’re either going to go aggro (Becky, God Catcher), or you’re going to have to go really hard on the anti-aggro side. What will win in the end? We’ll see. But Wizkids is pushing combat damage hard in this set. Be prepared.

3 Replies to “Lynchpin

  1. So a 4-cost with Overcrush and better stats than any She-Hulk or Supergirl die in the game (to stick to distaff comparisons) is really good? (Puts on sarcastic face) Shocking !

    1. To be fair, while Becky’s stats are technically better than Supergirl’s, it’s not by that much compared to her WOL dice. The attack (the fundamentally important stat) is identical, the D is literally just one point lower on each face, and the fielding cost is down by one on levels 2 and 3. Definitely better, but the margin is slim.

      Your fundamental point still stands though; that’s a crazy die to be able to purchase for 4 energy. Having Overcrush on it is just that much more nuts.

  2. My friend and I ran did a 2 person draft of this set since we didn’t have time to build a team for the release either, and yeah the 4 cost Becky lynch is crazy good to the point that I think she has the potential to overshadow the more anticipated Maiden Ireland (though I intend to test that one out next week). I ran her with the rock global which meant I consistently got her for 2, Trish stratus who made an opposing die unable to block when she attacks and she has tag out so I would constantly use it so I could keep Trish out on the field by re rolling and fielding her next turn while buffing Becky Lynch. And the 3 cost Asuka who has intimidate mean most of the time My opponent didnt have blockers. My friend did have the Big E counter but it didn’t matter much when I could intimidate him off the field or when I realized he brought the Scott Hall global by mistake. Running Becky Lynch out of set where you can optimize her and make her even more consistent is gonna be crazy.

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