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With all of the new toys that the new X-Men set has brought, it was tough to narrow down what I wanted to play with first.  Hope seemed pretty obvious, but I chose to give Corrupt a try.  For those unfamiliar, this is a new Keyword that states:

Corrupt X: Target player draws X dice from their bag (refilling from the Used Pile if necessary). You choose one die (no matter how many dice are drawn) and place it in that player’s Used Pile, and the rest are returned to the bag.

At its core, it looks like a way to either filter through your own bag, or mess up you Opponent’s bag.  By itself, it is annoying… but not a win condition.

There is really only one card that can turn this into an offensive weapon… Tabaxi Rogue.  Every trigger of Corrupt X will deal your Opponent X damage.  Definitely a death by paper cuts unless you can speed up the damage.

There were really two decent uses of Corrupt that would work well to fit this task.  I chose to pair Tabaxi Rogue with the new Sunspot: Lord Imperial.  Every time he takes damage, he triggers Corrupt 2.  With Tabaxi, this is two damage per trigger, when I target my Opponent with this ability.  With lots of ping options out there, this should not be too difficult to pull off.

With the core combo in place, lets put some other pieces in place and see what we can come up with.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Corruption.

Job one was to put my ping option in place.  This was an easy add, as Magic Missile more than fits.  The Global will give me lots of options to hit Sunspot to trigger Corrupt.  The big problem with this Global was that it puts Tabaxi at risk as it is pretty easy to remove with this Global.  To help protect here, I decided to try out Enchantress to tax Globals.  If my Opponent really wanted to spend the extra energy to take out Tabaxi, I was ok with it.  I could have easily put Wonder Woman: Child of Clay here, but I wanted to try something different.

To double up on the Tabaxi protection, I threw in Giganta.  Her Global would serve to make Tabaxi and Sunspot bigger.  Both good things in this build.

In theory, this Team needs lots of Bolts to fire properly.  Techno will give me about as many as I will need.  Just in case I don’t have that first Bolt to trigger Techno, I included Mjolnir to help with that issue.  Here is where I also chose my second BAC.  Instant War is a good pairing with Tabaxi under normal circumstances, and it also felt like a good way to “bank” Sidekicks for use with Techno later.

Finally, I needed a few tools to deal with problems.  Black Widow (you know the one) was mostly in place for the mirror match.  If I came up against another Tabaxi, she would be invaluable.  She’s not bad with other pingy garbage either.

Last but not least, I needed some control/removal.  I decided to give the new Mimic a try.  As Laurier said in his last article, he is pretty much guaranteed removal of most problems.  The biggest problems that I could see would be an opposing Black Widow, the new Polaris who limits Globals, and Bishop.  Mimic solves most of these problems.

The pieces are in place.  Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

Bye!  I don’t actually like these when I am experimenting with something new.


Game 2:

Lots of new X-Men here.  Dani/Doomlance, taxing Sage, Hope, and that Polaris.  Mimic would be big here.  I unpacked my Team and noticed that I BROUGHT THE WRONG MIMIC with me.  I brought “Best of the X-Men”, who was essentially useless on this Team.  Crap.  This player allowed me to play the Mimic that I meant to bring, even though he did not have to do it.  Less crap.  I was able to set up Sunspot and Tabaxi pretty quick, but he got Polaris out just as fast.  It turned my burn into a slow trickle.  Mimic came out and was effective in removing Polaris, but he stayed in the Field and became Polaris… which still messed me up.  Dani was wrecking me faster than I could burn him with Corrupt.  When the combo with Doom Lance hit, I was done.


Game 3:

More new X-Men here, focusing on unblockable Kitty Pride and Jubilee for some burn.  This time, I was (fairly) stuck with the Mimic I brought.  He unfortunately had Bishop and I had no real way to remove him without spending obscene amounts of Bolts.  Do-able, but not efficient.  The game was more or less over pretty early.  My first turn, I could only buy Instant War as I rolled exactly zero energy I could use.  Widow was an early purchase (when the energy finally cooperated), but she did not roll one time this whole game.  I actually considered buying Mimic for the temporary buff, but he really was not going to work here as the only character he had more than one of was Sidekicks.  I managed to live longer than I probably should have, but I was done.  Kitty and lots of bodies was more than I could handle.



When I started this Blog, I decided that I would post my experiences.  Good, bad, and indifferent.  This falls into the not-so-good category.  All because I was not paying attention when I grabbed my cards.  Without removal of some type, this is not a good Team.  There are too many threats that can shut it down.  The loss of Mimic hurt immensely.

I considered capture Blob as an alternative removal strategy, and I might actually go with that in a different run of this Team.  The big problem with Mimic, at least when he was up against Polaris, was that if he sticks around when you don’t want him to he has the ability to hurt you.  Still an excellent removal tool though, and Mimic is definitely something I want to play around with more.

I think there is something to be had with Tabaxi Rogue and Corrupt.  I think there might be more efficient ways to pull this off than with Sunspot (although, I still believe he is pretty good).  The biggest problem I had with Sunspot was the tools to trigger him was also the tool to remove Tabaxi.

Sage feels easier to pull off than Sunspot, and would be less at the mercy of Polaris.  That would be what I would try next if I were to run this mechanic again.

If I am not going to go the Sunspot route, I could remove a lot of other pieces here.  Techno, Giganta, Enchantress, and Magic Missile all become a little unnecessary without Sunspot.

Widow is still essential for this Team though.  You need a way to deal with the little stuff and she helps.  In a mirror match, she essentially shuts down the opposing Tabaxi.

I would always keep Instant War on a Tabaxi Team.  However, I made another error here.  With Instant War, I should have put Green Devil Mask on the Team.  It would have forced my Opponents to play lean and would have given another layer of control.  I probably left it out as I have a pretty severe hatred for that card, and have trouble playing it myself.

In conclusion:

  1.   Really check your cards closely before you pack your stuff for dice night.  The loss of one key card can destroy your Team.
  2.   I believe Corrupt is a thing.  I am not sure exactly how competitive it is, but it definitely needs some more experimentation.  Tonight was really a sample size of 1, which did not yield a whole lot of information.

Would I play this Team again?  Hell yes I would.  It did not get a fair shake tonight.  I want to see how this interaction works.  I want to see if there are better ways to pull it off.  Corrupt was one of the more intriguing things to come out of the new set, and I feel it deserves a chance to be in the spotlight.  Time will tell though.

What have you done with Corrupt?  Have you found a killer combo with the Rogue?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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