Let Me Fix You Up

Format: Casual Golden Age (Modern recommended).

Alright, this is the last week before the new set…with my mind pretty focused on the new stuff, I figured I’d put together an UC Fixit team. I wanted to see if there was a way to win with him without relying on a massive board wipe (e.g. Hellfire Club). So I decided to say…

Let Me Fix You Up

The Team:  Gives a new meaning to “Sidekick Fixer”.

So as you can imagine, this team is built around the “other” Fixit. You know, the one that didn’t make the finals at Worlds. When stuff dies, he gets big.

Honestly, I just wanted to throw together removal and either attack with Mr. Big up here, or just put together a sidekick rush . This led me to put Jubilee, so that sidekicks can serve for removal, Malekith, to make these sidekicks hurt more, and Avalanche, to further make these sidekicks into mini-board wipes. If they all hit the board at once, it could just be glorious.

With all those 4+ cost, though, I need a good ramp engine. I chose to run Mimic with the new Prof X global. It works especially well here, as the Prof X global can trigger Jubilee and Avalanche (if Malekith is active). So I get ramp, characters AND shenanigans.

As for the rest of the team, Resurrection serves for ramp and churn, and I added Dreadnaught as additional removal (in case Shriek showed up). Kree Captain was there to discount my high-cost characters a bit, and finally, Haymaker was there to get Fixit damage through if I didn’t quite empty my opponent’s field. Plus, the global doesn’t hurt. Lots of pain all around.

With that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against a similar team to mine. SR Jubilee, Prof, UC Malekith…We went for relatively similar approaches, though he used Plague Marines to KO his sidekicks and refield them. Not a bad idea, but I preferred my idea: use Jubilee to thin out his field, then keep attacking with my buffed sidekicks. I ended up outpacing him (thanks to Mimic ramp letting me set up), and I fielded Avalanche on the last turn to really get the removal going. I then attacked with everything and won.


Game 2:

My opponent for this one was running Orks. I started with Jubilee alongside Mimic ramp, and just set up piece by piece, eventually getting Fixit out (which became a go-to the rest of the evening), and I ended up using Jubilee’s ability as removal. Between sidekicks (buffed by Malekith) and Fixit (buffed by the KO’s that happened), I hit my opponent for more than enough damage. I won.


Game 3:

Aaaand crap, time to go up against Patch Avengers. A returning player came to visit, brought old-school stuff. He uses Green Goliath, and if he’d come out, I’d have been doomed. However, he was unlucky, which messed up his ramp. I ended up buying Fixit Turn 3, and T4, with Fixit and Jubilee active, I fielded sidekicks, wiped my opponent’s board, and dealt 10 damage. Then, T5, with Green Goliath still not on the board, I used my opponent’s own Magic Missile global to empty his field, buff Fixit, and swing in for the win. What? Really? Yes, seriously. I won against Patch Avengers. He and I both agreed that if we repeated the matchup, he probably would have won. But hey, I’ll take it.


Game 4:

For my last game of the evening, it’s Fixit vs Fixit! His team had the same Fixit as me, but he was going for more of a perfect setup, relying on Staff of the Forgotten One to guarantee that everyone gets KO’d. I decided to go for a quick setup here as well. T1, buy his Thrown Brick, field sidekick. T2, buy Mimic, Res. T3, field Mimic (name sidekick), buy Jubilee, field sidekick, draw two dice. T4, buy Fixit, field enough sidekicks to get full ramp following turn. T5, field Fixit, sidekicks, KO opposing characters with Jubilee, buff Fixit, and attack for enough damage to win. Yes, I won on T5 with this team, without the old Prof X global around. Yes, seriously.



-First of all: I did not expect this team to win on T5, by any means. And yet it happened twice. This brings me to wonder if UC Fixit might be a genuine competitive option, without the need for a massive board wipe like Hellfire Club.

-…Or rather, he could be, if the new OP Black Widow didn’t shut this team down hard. People just got the promos tonight, so next week this team would be absolutely useless: Jubilee, Avalanche, and Dreadnaught are all shut down completely by the new Widow.

-I cannot emphasize this enough: this team should not have been able to win against Patch Avengers. That was a once in a million lucky shot. Still, I’ll take it.

Overall, this was a cool team to run, and I got to use it just in time to avoid the main means to shut it down completely. This team’s worth it in casual play for sure, and if the new Widow hasn’t arrived where you live yet, this might just be worth running to troll the meta.

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