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Dice Masters vs Cancer is this coming weekend.  If you have not yet signed up and want to participate in a fun day of dice rolling, while also supporting a good cause, please head over to the Britrollersix website for all of the details of the Event.  For those looking for the Cole’s Notes version… This will be a modern event, with all of the cards from the Top 8 Teams from World’s being banned.  Bye-bye Dark Phoenix!  See ya Sentinel Tokens!

Dice Masters vs Cancer prizing is based off of a raffle system.  You win tickets for winning obviously, but the MoD boys also have a set of challenges for your Team build to allow you to gain bonus tickets.  This offers a really fun way to maybe build something outside of the box, instead of a smash face Team.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to partake in the festivities due to real life obligations… but that has not stopped me from playing around with the Format.  The dmNorth Crew has taken a few different shots at building for this Event.  Reg and myself had a go at a few different Team builds and released the gameplay videos on YouTube.  You can check out the videos below.

Kim and Jocelyn took a stab at building a Team on the latest episode of A Double Doube ‘n Dice.  Take a listen to hear what they came up with.

We decided to extend this building puzzle to our local scene as well.  The Theme for the night was to build something for Dice Masters vs Cancer.  This article will be a little different than the usual Team Breakdown.  Instead, I thought I would just present the Teams that were built for the evening.  There are some potential fun combo pieces to play around with here.  If you have not made up your mind with what you want to play with, hopefully something we have on this page will give you some inspiration.

Deathbird Burn (1-1)

Bonus Tickets +11

I like Deathbird… sorry.  After playing it against Reg, I wanted to see what I could tweak with the Team.  With some input from a certain Jackalope, this was the result.  I thought that I would lean back into the Mallah engine I have used before, but honestly Doomsday was just plain better.  Arctic Breath was great to use on my own Deathbird to protect her from my own Force Attack, and Joker proved annoying when KO’in things.  Starro also proved to be better than I first thought removing characters that flooded the Field.  Overall a fun Team, and will get you some decent bonus tickets.  

Super Spy (2-0)

Bonus Tickets +0

kksimons admitted to just looking at what was on the ban list and not looking at the bonus tickets for his build.  Superman and Black Widow were a solid combo and really hard to stop.  Jimmy Olsen provided cheap fists to make Black Widow’s hits that much worse.  You don’t really need much else beyond those dice.  The rest of the Team are pretty much accessory pieces.  This would be a solid combo to build around, and with a little tweaking could get you some of those precious tickets.

Lightning Strikes (0-2)

Bonus Tickets +0

Gord’s analysis of his Team was that it was not very good.  However, I personally like some of the pieces going for it.  Mary Shazam is a great way to spin your stuff up and help reach for Shazam.  There are definitely other versions of the big red cheese that some might like to play with and Mary will help you get there.  Wally West is a personal favourite of mine as you can direct his damage to something else when blocked to hopefully clear out that annoying piece in the Field Zone.  Cheap Overcrush is always good, but Beast definitely needs some help to make his attack stats a real threat.  Booster Gold is an interesting piece to deal with stun tokens, although I don’t think he was purchased on the evening.  

There you have it… three more Teams to add to the Team Building pool.  If I were to play for this event, I would personally focus on going for the raffle tickets over the well oiled winning machine.  I cannot wait to see how many different builds there are for Dice Masters vs Cancer 2022.  The Event is shaping up to look like a fun way to spend a Saturday.  I am also looking forward to seeing who can crack the code to maximize their raffle tickets for this one.  I think that 11 is respectable, but I am positive you can do better than that.

Have you made your final decisions on what you are playing for Dice Masters vs Cancer?  What card are you most excited to try out for the event?  Do you think any of the Teams here can be built into something more?  Let us know in the comments below, or on our Socials (@dmNorthTV), or join the conversation on our Discord.

Finally, if you are in the Calgary area, feel free to join us every other Wednesday at Shoebox Games & Cafe, starting around 6:00 PM local time. If you want to join a great group, get in touch with us on the Calgary Dice Masters Facebook Group. Come join a welcoming community and play some Dice Masters live!!

– jourdo

2 Replies to “Last Minute Team Ideas

  1. Excellent Read to see all the teams.
    I’d personally take the 11 Tickets and make a fun day of the event.
    Now I’d like to see someone come up with a team that will get more than 11 tickets in the bonus raffle…

    1. The best I could come up with is 14 bonus tickets, and it’s a very decent team focusing primarily on the combo of UC Batman and UC Supergirl
      This was my initial effort (although I am now going down an altogether more crazy team based around the Hellfire Gala BAC);2x60skc;2x72skc;2x48skc;2x50skc;3x95skc;3x92skc;2x81skc;3x5skc;3x1skc

      I also decided to forsake a couple of tickets from the above build and took out the Harley and Ivy to put on Lois for the damage reduction global, and Jimmy for the free fielding global as I usually had a lot of spare shields

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