Kings of the North

Roll For The North 2 was held this past weekend on October 23, 2021. While the goal of this event was to have fun, it was still geared as a competition. With that, there of course had to be a winner. MBrewer was crowned King of the North for 2021. He was kind enough to share his experiences throughout the day. Take it away Matt!

What Did You Play?

Roll for the North 2 was everything that is great about the online Dice Masters. The community is awesome, creativity is valued, and gameplay is both competitive and friendly. It might be because I ended up doing very well, but this was the best online tournament I’ve been involved in and I’m looking forward to what DM North comes up with next!

I usually aim for the middle in tournaments so I thought a tier-2 build would be right up my alley (after a brief failed attempt to build a Black/White Lantern team). I’ve always favored Spidey-Friend so I ended up with this team as my first real build. While practicing the team, I ran into an infinity gauntlet team built by Rawtravel and I realized that I had no real answer for the control that affiliation offered. In a fit of indecision, I scrapped my team and shamelessly stole the idea to use the spin-down/shut-down mechanics of Drax, Black Widow and Pip the Troll. I know, it’s super-gross and I’m not proud of it, but you can’t argue with the results!

With a strong control side, I just needed some way to get to 20 damage so I decided to use the SHIELD affiliation and I ended up with this trash as my team. Who knew a SHIELD build could be so aggressive?

The basic strategy is to lock down the opponent with Drax, spin out blockers with Pip and Widow, and Smash face with massive Dum-Dums and boosted sidekicks. Of course, you have to roll well for this team to work and my dice cooperated beautifully on the day. It isn’t a particularly complicated build so it fits my play style beautifully!

Round 1 (vs LoboTranki)

I’ve heard it’s better to be lucky than good and this is very true for my day. I ran into LoboTranki a couple of weeks ago through the DM online discord. He’s a relatively new player with a small collection. I helped him build his team for this tournament so I was already familiar with his team, which was a combination of Defenders and Avengers. He bought a bunch of cheap wasps and gave me some early trouble with them, but I was able to finally stabilize. Unfortunately for him, he also brought Hulk-Out so I was able to just buy a couple of Dum-Dums, his Hulk-Outs, field sidekicks, and attack over and over with over-crushing Dum-Dums. Lobo wasn’t able to ramp fast enough so it was over pretty quick. It sounds like the day didn’t get much better for him but he reported that he had a great time and is looking forward to the next one!


Round 2 (vs DavidC)

Another relatively new player that I practiced with on Discord, David brought a Justice League/Avengers build taken straight from the starter packs. He had success in round one with is over-crushing Hulk, but his ramp never appeared in this game. Amazingly, he brought both Hulk-Out and Anger Issues and I was able to make short work of him using my pumped up Dum-Dums. (He’s way too strong to be a two-cost!). Luck was definitely on my side in the first two rounds. I was very worried about seeing anything that punishes a wide field like Betrayal or Doom Lance, but I managed to miss those matchups most of the morning.


Round 3 (vs JackalopeSpam)

I’ve played JackalopeSpam several times and he’s always a great team builder and pilot. This game was definitely a challenge. He had a Deadpool/Brotherhood of Evil Mutants build that was very interesting. His pumped up Kidpools with fast completely neutralized my Dum Dums (fast is sneaky good!) This team had me sweating! I managed to Drax his Blob and then use Widows and Pips to slowly clear his field until I had just enough to squeak by. He helped by bringing an Anger Issues and that ended up being just enough to get him to zero. Awesome build and a well-piloted team.


Round 4 (vs JLucero)

Sometimes the dice decide the winners and this was definitely one of those games. I’ve played JLucero lots of times online so it was pretty cool to see him again. It was my first time facing another Infinity Guantlet team but he had the twist of adding yellow lanterns. This game is on the DM North YouTube channel so I won’t go into too much detail. Suffice to say, I rolled well, he rolled bad and that was all she wrote. It’s a dice game, and sometimes your dice just won’t roll for you. He was able to Drax my Pip, but unfortunately he rolled his characters on level one and I spun them out with some well-timed Widow rolls for my final swing.


Round 5 (vs SuperK)

Facing SuperK is always a treat. She built a Doom Patrol/White Lantern Team that had me wishing I’d had the guts to stick with my own White Lantern team. Kim had piloted a Tier 3 team to a 3-1 record and had me sweating the whole game! She was using a Doom Lance +Deadly Negative Man combination that was perfectly set up to counter my wide field. She managed to get me down to 10 life before I could Drax her Negative Man and stabilize my field. Even then she kept up the pressure and I just managed to squeak by with a win. Of all the teams I faced, Kim’s was the most interesting and her piloting skills were unparalleled. If you want to see the game, it’s on the DM North Youtube Channel.



Overall this was a great example of what the online Dice Masters community is capable of. I want to thank the DM North crew for putting on an excellent event and all the elite players for either sitting the tournament out or building lower-tier teams and letting a middle of the road player have some surprising success! 

I hope that your prep area is always full, your fielding costs low, and may your rolls always be in your favor!

– mBrewer

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