Tonight, I decided to knock another newer X-men card off the “to try” list.  Jubilee – Jubilation Ice might be the forgotten cousin of the other Jubilee cards in the X-men Forever Campaign Box.  She deals burn damage, just like her other versions, but it is when attacking and depends on the number of other attacking Bolt characters.

Notice that she herself is a Bolt, and she has the rare Max Dice of 5 on her card.  If you were to attack with a full complement of Jubilee dice, each one would deal 4 damage.  4 times 5 equals 20 the last time I checked, and that gives you a OTK option with this little lady.  Super janky, but it will be super satisfying if it works.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Jubilations (If this works).

There is no real magical combo here.  The goal is to get all 5 copies of Jubilee out and attack once for lethal.  I needed to find pieces that would make this easier.  The first addition was Kitty Pryde for the discount.  On my ideal turn, I would Field Kitty and scoop up a bunch of Jubilee dice on the cheap.  To give me more energy and Bolts to work with, I included Resurrection for Ramp, Mjolnir for extra Bolts, and Clayface to reuse purchased Jubilee dice to buy more Jubilee dice.  I guess there is a combo going after all.

Since I knew that getting out the Jubilee dice would be a slower process, I needed a way to keep her around until I was set up.  That is where Static Field came in.  I could bounce her back or bounce away something threatening.

Here is where I made a local meta call.  The taxing Sage has been popular recently, and I couldn’t really afford to deal with her as Jubilee herself has some brutal Fielding Costs.  Enter the Kree Soldier.  With him in the Field, most of the core pieces of my Team were now free, which gets around Sage quite nicely.

The big threat here was Green Devil Mask.  Since my Team relies on having at least 5 characters to fire off, GDM kills it.  Rare Blob was put on the Team to deal with that annoyance.  The new Mimic was put on to remove most of the other annoyances (Shriek, etc) that might show up.

The final piece of the puzzle was to inject more Bolts onto this build and give a secondary source of damage.  Good old Firefly was dusted off for tonight’s festivities.  He has some decent stats, will both deal burn damage himself and with Jubilee, and is a 3 cost (so free to Field).

That’s the build.  Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

This was mainly an Infiltrate Team that has some nasty additions (Rogue to give Sidekicks Infiltrate, Batman to make Sidekicks a legit threat, and the old SR Lantern Battery).  I had not seen the Battery in a LONG time, and knew that it was going to cause me grief with what he was planning.  Blob was an early purchase here.  He got his Battery out of the bag before my Blob could show up, and luckily he missed the rolls on it and could not get it in the Field.  Blob showed up the next turn and locked it out for the remainder of the game.  Now I just had to maintain my Field while he built his and try and get the Jubilee’s out.

Kitty Pryde came out early but I didn’t have the purchasing power that I wanted.  She also got stuck in the Field with chump blocks from Sidekicks and Static Field bouncing her.  Jubilee had to be purchased for full price and it took a bit of time to get all 5 out.

Eventually it happened and I got to do the swing for 20 with all the Jubilees.  If he had not missed that early Battery, I think this might have been a different result.


Game 2:

This player admitted to wanting to bring a douchey Team, and he did.  GDM – check!  Sage – check!  Tsarina – … Tsarina?  Double check!  The best piece was bringing R Magneto from AVX.  His Global lets you reroll a Villain die (including your Opponent’s).  A fact which I forgot until AFTER I had purchased Blob to cover GDM.  Even if Blob hit the Field, he wouldn’t be there for long.

Tsarina’s started blitzing the Field and there was not much I could do about it.  Lots of damage early and often, until I was able to get characters high enough that I could spin down.

I eventually got all my Jubilee dice purchased and had the turn set up where they were all either in Prep or in the Bag (after sacrificing my entire Field to take another Tsarina hit).  If they all came out and could hit the Field I could still come back from this.  As this is Dice Masters, of course I did not draw what I needed… but I did roll 3 Jubilees, a Firefly, and a crap load of energy.  Putting aside what I needed for Fielding Costs (since Kree Soldier did not come back).  I had masks to spare and had him roll out his Foot Ninja (it took 4 masks) using the Magneto Global.  This left him with a lone Tsarina to block with.  I fielded my Jubilees, then my Firefly for 4 damage.  He tried to have Firefly rolled out, but the bug came back.  It took me a second to realize it, but with the Jubilee burn damage from attacking and the unblocked bodies, I actually had lethal.

I would have been dead the next turn as I was down to 2 life.


Game 3:

Iceman… That is all.  I was more on the defensive from the start in this game.  I would use my Bolts to ping Iceman before the Attack Step, and force a KO if he wanted to do more damage.  However, this was preventing me from buying what I needed to win.  Mimic came out to play in this game and eventually became Iceman.  I got some of my own pings in, but he was too far ahead in the race and there was nothing I could do.



If you like jank, you will like this Team.  The OTK aspect of it was super satisfying to fire off, but even attacking with a few Jubilee dice at one time was still a threat.  I actually really liked how she paired with Firefly on this build.  Kree Soldier was incredibly good on this Team as the Fielding Costs of both Firefly and Jubilee are crap.  What was a local meta call, turned into a good overall choice.

The BAC’s were good and worked well with the goal of the build.  Mjolnir and Clayface earned their keep as well, making purchasing Jubilee dice easier.  While Blob did not actually deal with GDM tonight, the threat of GDM means he needs to stay on the Team.  Mimic is such good removal for just about anything that I would have a hard time removing him.

Believe it or not, Kitty Pryde was the odd woman out tonight.  She never really successfully did what she was there to do.  In theory she should have worked better, but she did not.  If I were to run this again, I might try something else out in this slot.  Perhaps another Bolt character?

As it stands, this build is a little slow to run in anything more than casual.  If you can find a way to speed it up though, it has some huge damage potential.  Try it out and let us know what you can come up with to get the engine running a little faster.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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  1. I’m surprised you ran Kitty Pride as opposed to Big Entrance. I know that Kitty allows you to get Jubilee’s for 1 bolt, but having her stuck on the field doesn’t help you when you need it most. At least with Big Entrance you can roll it for energy if you don’t need it. If you used Big Entrance instead of Resurrection, then you could swap Kitty for Atlas and still have a prep global on your team. Plus if Kree Soldiers didn’t roll then you would at least have fists for Atlas global.

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