JL vs Avengers TOTM Results

Hello Dice Masters Fans!  Last night, we continued our Team of the Month (TOTM) Competition for August 2019.  This time we decided to put the best of the Avengers against the best of the Justice League.  If you want to read about the details of the build, you can check out the original article here.

Here were the Teams that participated in the night’s festivities:

For myself, I decided to go back to a personal favourite from Justice as the core of the Team… Martian Manhunter.  I used him very recently in another build (that you can read about here) and seemed like a good fit in this Format.  Since he only works with Villains, and there are no pure Villains in this Format, I needed a Villain-maker to fit the theme.  Thankfully, the Lantern Power Ring fit in perfectly.

To round out my Justice League side, I put in Hawkgirl (because every Team needs a two cost AND she has some decent stats on her top end).  Plastic Man server a dual purpose as well.  Retaliation is not the worst thing in the world for some potential burn damage, but it was his defensive stats I was most interested in.  On his top end, he has 8 defense.  If I could weaponize that and pair it with the Martian he could be the big hitter of the Team.

Thankfully, there was an Avenger who could make this happen.  The old school Ant-Man from UXM has a one sided stat flip option.  There are no fears of your Opponent using this against you to ruin your plans.

Nick Fury was put on the Team for the same stat purposes as Plastic Man.  He could also slip through unblocked if I had enough Avengers on the Team.  How can I maximize that?  Make good use of the Avengers ID Card Global!  The die itself would also be useful as a Ramp option, as this Format is not exactly swimming in those.

The last Avenger saw a return of a fan favourite in Black Widow (Agent You Know Who).  Since Retaliation was an obvious choice for this Format, she would keep that under control.  As well as any other minor burn strategies.

Resurrection was the DC BAC for Ramp and bag control, while Confront the Mighty made the Marvel cut for some removal options.

Stat flips, Affiliation shenanigans, Overcrush… This is my kind of Team.

I did  not get to see all of the Teams in action, but I will try and share some of my highlights.  For the people who participated, please feel free to comment below with what you built and/or saw on the night.

This was an interesting night, as there really was no clear cut dominant card.  There was enough variety in the Teams that made the Format fairly open.  However, some old classics made a return to the spotlight for the night.

Ronin (both the SR and UC) made a comeback.  I will admit that I forgot about him as an option in this Format.  He is just such an excellent way to redirect and prevent damage.  I got to see his shenanigans in person and it reminded me why I like this card so much.  It would not be the worst thing in the world to see it again in a future set.

Ms. Wasp was another card I completely forgot about until I saw it show up on some Team Lists.  I hate this card.  It used to show up all too often in my local scene and I did not enjoy her pingy Global Tax.  Do not get me wrong… this is a great ability.  I’ve just been on the receiving end of it way too many time.  Thankfully Agent You Know Who would save me from this card.

Batman was great to see in this Format.  He kind of followed my strategy by using a Villain-maker to ensure that you get the best bang for your buck from his ability.  While I personally got steamrolled by him on the night, I was still happy to see something like this in play.

The last highlight I will share comes from a criminally underused card during its time.  The Snorlax herself… Doctor Light.  She was a great card from Green Arrow/Flash that did not seem to see a ton of play.  This card in particular is a great way to sneak your damage around your Opponent’s Sidekick wall.

While not a fully comprehensive list, these were some of the cards that stood out for me.  Again, I encourage those who participated to throw some comments below to share their thoughts on the night and what they managed to build.

For those interested in the actual results on the evening, here is how the games played out:

Round 1

  • Reg (W) vs Matt B
  • Matt J vs Carl (W)
  • Super K (W) vs Dan L
  • Laurier vs Michael P (W)

Round 2

  • Laurier (W) vs Dan L
  • Matt J (W) vs Matt B
  • Kim (W) vs Michael P
  • Reg (W) vs Carl

Round 3

  • Michael P vs Matt J (W)
  • Carl vs Laurier (W)
  • Dan L vs Matt B (W)
  • Reg (W) vs Kim

I am currently editing the footage that I managed to record.  Look for it soon on our YouTube Page.

After tonight, the Leaderboard looks like this now…

Congrats Reg for earning the Gold Star this month!  Thank you to everyone who showed up for a fun night of Dice Masters.  I am always impressed when the Europeans brave the terrible time zone difference to participate in this.  Next month, will be another first for the TOTM.  Here’s a little preview:

See you in September for a two night Event!

– jourdo





3 Replies to “JL vs Avengers TOTM Results

  1. Great theme for last night.
    I know my build was around the green lantern human card. In modern build I usually had clayface and billy club to make it faster.
    Neither are legal in this theme. So I needed masks. The question was a staple in either build and I added gatf katana for cheap masks.
    On the avengers side I had ronin that helps stop major single threats like batman and overcrush damage. Boobs was there to deal with retaliation and wasp cards.
    I had power of attorney hulk as alternate win con but never bought all night.
    Key to the team was my bac I totally forgot about originally in distraction for the global. I was able to blink back major threats all night and didn’t see wonder woman once.
    P.s. I also had common Kate bishop and I did buy her for masks… (it was funny as one match my opponent had super rare groot thor (uses all when fielded abilities) and if ever fielded my opponent would have taken damage based on his defence)

  2. “Ronin. I will admit that I forgot about him. He is just such an excellent way to redirect.”

    She. That Ronin is Maya Lopez. That’s art from NA 13, which is years before a man wore the costume. In fact, it’s art for the very arc where it is revealed who is actually under the mask.

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