Inteleon VMAX League Battle Deck Product Review

Hello and welcome to some new coverage here on DM North.  With the lull in actual Dice Masters products over the past year, I have started to explore other games to fill the void.  The one game that has met those needs for my collectible itch has been Pokémon.  I’ve made the executive decision to include some Pokémon related content on the site as a result.  Don’t worry though, there will still be Dice Masters content on the site.  We are just broadening our horizons here.

To make things easy, any Pokémon related content will have this logo on the images to allow the hard core Dice Masters fans to skip it if they want.  However, if you want to explore the world of Pokémon and learn the game with me… feel free to read on.

I wanted to start things off by looking at one of the most recently related products, the Inteleon VMAX League Battle Deck.  The League Battle Decks are nothing new in the PokémonTrading Card Game.  They are a product that makes relatively good core cards available for a reasonable price point.  Previous League Battle Decks have given Trainers access to Reshiram & Charizard, Pikarom, and the big bad Zacian/ADP.

This newest addition to the collection focuses on one of the best snipers currently in the game… Inteleon.  Inteleon is a water Pokémon whose attacks are generally geared towards hitting any of your Opponent’s Pokémon, instead of just the active.  In this League Battle Deck, you do not get just one version of Inteleon… you get three.



The Attackers

Inteleon VMAX is the star of this deck and everything is built to get you to this Pokémon.  Its Hydro Snipe ability for one water energy will slow down your Opponent’s energy attachments while wearing down the active Pokémon.  Max Bullet is what you are working towards though.  For three energy, you can do 160 damage to the active Pokémon as well as dealing 60 damage to one of the Pokémon on the bench.    Time things right with this attack and you can set yourself up to take multiple prizes in a single turn.

You cannot get to Inteleon VMAX without going through Intelon V first.  While not nearly as good as Max Bullet, Snipe Shot will let you start to put damage on any of your Opponent’s Pokémon.  Aqua Resort gives you valuable intel into what cards your Opponent has, so you have an idea of what might be coming your way in future turns.  The League Battle Deck gives you a solid 2/2 evolutionary line of these guys, which is a good starting point to this deck.

Our last version of Inteleon in this product is the Shady Dealings Inteleon from Sword & Shield.  This is a Stage 2 Pokémon (meaning it needs to evolve twice, Sobble > Drizzile > Inteleon) that has a weaker version of Max Bullet as its attack.  While nice, it is the Shady Dealings ability we are most interested in here.  This ability will let you grab two Trainer cards from your deck and immediately put them into your hand.  What is even better is the Stage 1 Pokémon that Inteleon evolves from, Drizzile, has the same ability.  Drizzile is limited to only one Trainer card though.  The whole evolutionary line nets you three Trainer cards though… which is pretty good.  What is even better is that the League Battle Deck includes copies of Scoop Up Net which will allow you to do it all over again in future turns.  You get a solid 3/2/2 evolutionary line in this product.

The Supporters

Attackers are great and all that, but they generally need a little bit of help in order to get the most bang for your buck.  One of the best support Pokémon for water decks is Frosmoth.  This Pokémon lets you accelerate your water energy onto your benched water type Pokémon.  With this Pokémon’s ability, you should be able to power up your Inteleons in no time.  A 3/2 evolutionary line of this Pokémon is a great include in this League Battle Deck.

With any Pokémon decks, your actual Supporters are a key include in order to have the best chance of victory.  This League Battle Deck gives you plenty of copies of three of the best Supporters in the game in Boss’s Orders (3), Professor’s Research (4), and Marnie (3).  The Boss let’s you select the best Pokémon for you to attack into with Inteleon in order to maximize your prizes.  Professor’s Research is hands down the best draw Supporter in the game.  You will generally find what you need when you use that card.  Marnie is both a draw supporter and a way to disrupt your Opponent’s hand.  Again, the Pokémon Company was not stingy here by giving you access to lots of copies in this League Battle Deck.

The Searchers

What good are all of these great Pokémon if you cannot find them.  Again, the League Battle Deck is loaded with staples here.

Multiple copies of Great Ball, Quick Ball, and Evolution Incense will generally get you the Pokémon you desire.  As well, Ordinary Rod and Training Court will give you some recycling options to retrieve some energy and Pokémon you may have lost to the discard pile.

Capacious Bucket is your energy digging tool in this deck.  With it, your Frosmoth will be firing off and powering up your water Pokémon in no time.


I will be perfectly honest here… this may be the best League Battle Deck released yet.  For a new player to the game, you can buy this product at your local store and have a deck that could hang with lots of the Standard Decks out there right now.  Could it be better?  Absolutely, but you get a really functional deck right out of the box.  Buying a second copy will max out your Inteleon V and VMAX lines, so that is not a bad plan… but not necessary.

As an added bonus, like most Pokémon products, you get a code to redeem on the Pokémon Trading Card Online game.  Right now, that is still the best way to play against other players as in person gaming is not happening everywhere.

If you are a new player to the game, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.  You will get everything you need to play the game competitively in this box.  You cannot ask for much more than that.  Do you need this if you are an already established player?  If you have the cards, no… not at all.  If you don’t, this might be the most cost effective way to purchase these cards.  I am giving this product a solid 5/5 and would recommend it to anyone.



I have been a fan of the League Battle Deck product line since I first learned of their existence.  They are the easiest way to get the higher tier cards into your physical collection and be able to build fairly strong decks to play in person.  I am happy that the Pokémon Company is continuing to release these product for players.  I cannot wait to see the next one and I cannot take this one out to PTCGO.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo




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