In Blackest Night

More shenanigans for the Wednesday night Dice Masters.  Last week we were limited to only one card.  This time, we were allowed our full complement of cards, but only one die on each card.  This was an easy decision on the build.  Something I have not played in a long time… Black Lanterns

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Zombies and Kyle.

The original plan was to just run all 8 Black Lanterns, but Wonder Woman is not very good and Firestorm is just… ok.  I allowed myself a couple substitutions here, but had to stick with the theme somehow.  Change number one was to add in Kyle.  He would discount my Black Lanterns for each other Black Lantern.  He was in Blackest Night… so he passes the requirement for me.

The next substitution was for Zombie Magneto.  I have not used this guy in a very long time, and I was predicting that there would be some cheap characters out tonight.  He was really my main piece of control, and since he is a zombie he fits right in with the Black Lanterns.

Villainous Pact was for ramp and an alternate win-con.  Outsider was just a bad choice for this Team.  My original plan was to just have Resurrection there for ramp.  I should have stuck with it.

Let’s see how it played…

Game 1:



Game 2:

Dragons.  Why didn’t I think to bring Dragons?  Slowly built up my army with Kyle, then Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter.  Eventually got to Anti-Monitor and the burn began.  Attack, burn, likely KO something.  Rinse repeat as necessary.  The burn was not enough to keep the Breath Weapons at bay though.


Game 3:

This was essentially going to be death by Fixit or Dum Dum with Grodd.  I built my board as before, but Kyle was not cooperating, so I was not getting the discount.  Martian Manhunter was the star in this game as he would KO whatever was attacking and my opponent would lose life as a result.  I continued the burn with Anti-Monitor on the offensive end.  To be fair, my opponent did most of the damage to himself with bag burn.  Either way, Martian Manhunter dealt the death blow when blocking a Grodd attack with a whole bunch of Overcrushers.


Game 4:

Another Dragon Team.  Seriously… How did I not think to bring Dragons?  This game went like this.  I rolled nothing but Sidekicks and could not field any of my other characters.  Sidekicks do not put up much of a fight against Breath Weapon.  After my loss, we played another game where I was able to Aquaman out and force his Dragon back to the card.  That was fun.



I love playing with the Black Lanterns.  They play well together.  I honestly wish that we had more choices with them.  Seriously Wizkids… How do we not have Nekron?

This is not a competitive Team, and I wish I had gone with my original plan of Villainous Pact and Resurrection.  This Team suffered due to the lack of ramp… and I only managed to use the Superman/Batman Globals twice all night.  The biggest positive on the night is that I found out my Anti-Monitor die can only roll on a level 3 character face… which is good.

I never bought Superman or Batman all night.  Superman was too risky against myself and Batman just proved to not be useful by the time I could afford him.  Maybe on a night where we were allowed more character dice.

If you have the cards and have never tried them out, I encourage you to do so.  I enjoy these limited nights as it allows you to use things you would not normally do on a regular basis.

Have you played with the Black Lanterns?  Do you wish Wizkids would give us more of this faction?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thank for reading and see you next week!

– jourdo


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