Hulk Infiltrate!

When I was getting the Team Lists up for Can-Nats, there was one build that really jumped out to me.  It was Rob’s Team that was using Common Hulk on an Infiltrate Team.  You can check out the original build here.  The interesting idea of this build it it makes your opponent choose what they want to deal with.  All decisions are bad here, it just depends which one is the least bad at that time.

Seeing as this was a National’s build, I decided to bring it down to the casual world and removed some pieces from it.  Read on to see what changed.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Hulk Infiltrate!

Obviously Common Hulk was the main piece on this Team, and I kept Captain America to give my Sidekicks Infiltrate.  New PXG stayed on as a Sidekick maker to give someone to play with Captain America.  I chose to drop Angela though.  The reasoning was that I didn’t necessarily want these characters unblockable.  I wanted the opponent to choose what happened.  Did they take the combat damage from the attackers?  Did they take the infiltrate damage?  Did they take the Hulk damage by blocking?  This was the core to the machine.  Make them choose.

I needed something to compliment the Sidekicks, and using an Ally or two was pretty obvious.  Who is the first Ally I think of?  Our good friend Wong of course!  I needed something else, and ideally a Bolt character to help pay for the Unstable Canister Global.  For this, I went to one I had not used yet… The Foot Ninja – Stick To The Shadows.

This actually gave me yet another source of damage by attacking with multiple Ninjas.  Why not?

I decided to keep the Xavier’s School and Mister Miracle ramp and churn just to try it out.  I have used it before, but wanted to refresh my memory on how it worked.  The final add was Mjolnir for more Bolt options.

With the pieces in place, let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

Boom Boom/Power Bolt was the primary threat here.  Unfortunately, he had terrible rolls all game and never really got anything going.  I had plenty of time to get Cap and Hulk out to set things up.  I then started attacking with Sidekicks and Ninjas at every opportunity.  The Infiltrate damage burned him down to the point where he could not do anything.  One the lethal swing, he either died from combat damage, infiltrate damage, or Hulk damage… it didn’t really matter.  This would have been a much different game if his characters and actions had rolled.


Game 2:

This game was against the Slifer Burnination Team that Son of L showed a few weeks ago.  Check it out here if you did not get a chance to see it.  I knew the combo, but I just wanted to play against it.  This Team is lightning fast.  I never had a chance to get more than a Hulk out in the Field.  a few pings is the the best I could do.  I got burned to death on T4 I believe.


Game 3:

Rare Grodd.  He did not miss a chance to roll him once.  That with my Hulk Global meant that I lost.  I did some solid damage with the Infiltrators and pinging my characters.  Just not as fast as that monkey could hit.



There were only 4 of us at the store tonight, so I don’t feel I had enough time to play around with this Team.  From what I did catch, I don’t think that Xavier’s School and Mister Miracle were the right fit for me.  It worked fine when I used it, but I was only prepping a Sidekick as my characters were rolling well.  Maybe I need to give it another try?  I feel there are better pieces to put on the Team.

Wong proved unnecessary to be honest.  Foot Ninja was way more fun to play with here that I did not even purchase a Wong all night.  I had toyed with putting Black Widow on the Team to increase the Infiltrate damage, but chose not to.  On another version of this Team, I would probably put the Pseudowidow out to see how she worked.

I didn’t need to use Cake once all night.  Resurrection might be better for ramping instead.  I did not find that I missed Angela actually.  I think she would have hurt this build in all honesty.  I needed to have mulitple threats, and she took one away.

I think the core of the Team is great, but this version needs a little tweaking.  Pairing Hulk with Infiltrate is awesome though!  Full props to Rob for coming up with this idea.  I encourage you to try this combo out when you get a chance.  I definitely plan on giving this another go down the road.  It was too fun not to play with again.

What do you think of this combination?  Have you paired these two forces together?  What would you change to make Hulk/Infiltrate more effective?  We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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