Getting a (Side)Kick Out Of It

Well, it’s finally that time; with a firm release date announced for the next D&D set (December 18), our Legacy League now has an end in sight. Wait…somehow Gobby isn’t banned yet? Ok, someone has to change that.

I’m not going for a Gobby+Parallax build though. If I’m using Gobby, I’m…

Getting a (Side)Kick Out Of It

The Team:  That ramp engine really hits The Spot.

Format: Legacy League (all winning cards banned, including BACs)

Alright, this isn’t an especially nice team. Gobby is a centrepiece, of course, of insane damage and mayhem. But the ramp engine is key here: with Samantha Wilson active, I draw and roll dice whenever sidekicks hit the field. And I get to draw and roll MORE dice when The Spot is active at the same time. When it starts firing off, this ramp engine snowballs in a hurry. And all of those extra sidekicks on the field are, of course, just what Gobby needs to deal insane amounts of damage.

To complement this, let’s throw in some Allies to help both Gobby and Sam. I went for Wong (who is also a tremendous offensive and defensive beast) and Jarvis (removal that gets very useful if I field lots of characters, which I hope to do with this engine). Since Wong is in this, Insect Plague (how the heck is that not banned?) is an obvious choice, making Wong into a strong secondary win condition.

One question came to mind though: how do I get Gobby off the field so that he can trigger again? I decided to throw in some Fabricate. With a fair amount of Overcrush creeping into our league, I threw in Clay Golem, hoping he’d help in a pinch with my characters’ relatively weak stats. However, Clay Golem led me to also throw in Phoenix Storm. Quick explanation: my ramp engine, when it fires off, should sometimes leave me with no dice to draw. If I have her in my Reserve Pool when that happens, I can Fabricate a Clay Golem, field her, and draw my Golem, dealing 6 damage to my opponent and all of their characters. If that fires off, it’s just game over.

The other two cards are utility; I threw in Horn of the Unicorn as a bolt sink (if ever I run into Bishop, I could use Gobby for energy). And for the last slot, I put in Joker; he’s fun old-school control that hurts like heck at the right time.

And with that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

To start things off, I went up against a build of Deadly characters everywhere (now with R Black Bolt for extra shenanigans!). My opponent’s lack of ramp was really my main advantage. Sam+Spot, when it set up, gave me a chance to roll large amounts of dice. Plus, my opponent needed to use his Bloat Drone to empty my field. I made sure to get Gobby on the field quick; that way, I got to re-field him regularly. That’s really what won me the game; getting to re-field Gobby regularly, with a couple of Insect Plague-fueled Wongs there to finish the job. I won. However, had my opponent had time to set up a bigger attack, he would’ve chewed me up with his Black Bolt shenanigans.


Game 2:

I followed this up by facing off against a rainbow of lanterns, relying on Miri Riam around to get them fielded easily, of course. I got lucky on this one, as a relatively early roll gave me the energy needed for Phoenix Storm. While I couldn’t get Spot fielded, I still had Sam, and thus built my field with sidekicks. I Fabricated a couple of times to get Clay Golems in rotation. Since Spot refused to roll, I couldn’t get perfect bag management; I thus couldn’t guarantee that Phoenix Storm would trigger. However, at one point, I fielded her with a 50/50 chance of drawing the Golem…and I did. My opponent’s field emptied, and I charged in with everything for the win. I also laughed like a maniacal fool; I was so glad to finally get this to trigger. Probably sounded like the real Green Goblin.


Game 3:

Next up, time to go up against another sidekick build with Darkseid, Wong, etc. She had Blob, and used it to block Gobby (snif). However, this left Sam+Spot ramp unaffected, and I got my craziness going. I actually tried to use Jarvis to KO her Blob, but I just couldn’t get quite enough characters fielded in a turn. I ended up going for Joker to stop her Wong dice, and just built as big a board presence as I could. I did buy Phoenix Storm again, but she didn’t roll this time (sniff). So I instead relied on large amounts of combat damage and charged in. I won.


Game 4:

To finish the evening, time to go up against Immortals. I had the edge on speed with sidekicks alongside Sam+Spot, and my opponent even gave me a bit of extra ramp (UC Heimdall). Needless to say, I took advantage. This made the discrepancy in speed between our teams insurmountable. I got Sam+Spot, Gobby, and some Jarvis action going before any Immortal even hit the field (despite his going for R Jane Foster early on). For a couple of turns, I fielded Jarvis targeting himself (joked that he kept tripping over his vacuum cleaner) to set up removal at the right time. That right time was when Gobby was ready to hit the field. I fielded sidekicks galore, KO’d his Jane Foster with Jarvis, fielded Gobby for burn, and charged into an empty board (between Sam, Gobby and other characters, I had more than enough combat damage). I won and earned myself some choice words from my opponent. (Sorry?)



-Phoenix Storm was there for the laughs, and I’m glad I didn’t build this expecting her to be the main win condition; she’s way too unreliable. But when she fires off, it is absolutely hilarious.

-Sam+Spot takes time to set up. It worked here because so many ramp options are already banned, but needless to say, going for Atlantis is substantially easier if you have that available.

-Gobby is…Gobby. What is there to say? He’s a classic and has always been a powerhouse.

-You’ll notice I didn’t put a sidekick-making global, and that was on purpose; I couldn’t be sure if I would have sidekicks in Used at the right time for Sam Wilson, and I don’t want to draw and roll dice during my opponent’s turn. I don’t think I would change my mind on this.

-Jarvis is interesting. I like him as removal in a Sam+Spot team for sure, but he’s not especially reliable. Getting him to deal 3 damage can work, but anything beyond that I wouldn’t count on.

So overall, this team was really set to shine; we have increasingly limited ramp options, perfect for a wonky engine like this to shine. Don’t expect it to work as well in competitive environments, but definitely try this around the kitchen table.

I’d like to finish this with a quick announcement: after this week, I’m taking a couple of weeks off from the blog to work on a special project (more news on that soon!). In the meantime, SuperK has agreed to take over my usual Friday-Saturday spot. Look forward to some fun articles from her for the next two weeks. And until we speak again, keep on rolling!

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