Getting Creative with Reggie – Alternative Art Series 1 – WWE

I’m sure many of you that know me, will know that I always have been looking to give back to the online community.  From Videos on how to make a Camera stand, to Foam board Dice Towers and Deck Box inserts, I always have tried to be crafty.

Maybe you have had some Shriek, Blob, or God-catcher tokens sent to your address over the last year or two, and yes I already have Loki, Moon-Knight, and even Sentinel tokens ready to ship… (I have sent over 100 envelopes all over the world now!!)

Last year when the Card Generator application stopped working on the Dice Coalition website, I started tinkering with some graphics software, and decided to design my own Card layout.  I know I did not want the cards to look like the layout for the current Dice Masters cards, as I wanted my alternate arts to look and feel more like a comic type card.  (For the records, my designs are made for the community to use as ‘Card Sleeves’ where you can have the alternate art version on the back of the actual card in a blank sleeve)   You should be paying your hard earned money and support Wizkids for the originals, but I’m not stopping you from having a sweet alternate art on the backs instead of a plain card sleeve..

I have reached out to the online community and have since made over 200 alternate art cards.

This will hopefully be an ongoing series, where I can post all the various alternate art cards I have created.  I found it fun to make these designs and its about time I just released them to you all to either just view, or print them for yourself.  This article, I decided to show some love to the Wrestlers of Dice Masters.  I selected more the essential WWE cards, as they would most likely see the most game play.  (Of course, if you see one missing, just let me know, and one can be created!)

The amazing art for these ‘sleeves’ come from Nolan Harris.  He is an amazing caricature artist, and I truly believe he is one of the best in the world.  I know the WWE cards have actual photos, but I wished they had an animated version like these below.  I hope you enjoy these…

Who Did You Make?

I wanted to give you all the more “Essential” cards from the WWE universe, as the more you would play the actual cards, the more you might use these alt arts for fun.
One Note, is I did not make any Basic Action Alternate Arts, I might create a few of these later, and maybe you can mention which from the set you would like see created.

The Classic Wrestlers

Starting with the Legends I grew up with, I was very happy to see some of the solid wrestlers having great abiliities.  However, I really wished that Wizkids gave us some more of the classic wrestlers such as Andre The Giant, King Kong Bundy, The Iron Sheik and of course Hulk Hogan…
Okay, onto the cards…


Aged Wrestlers

Still when I was a big wrestling fan, these were the wrestlers that changed the game.
In my opinion, wrestlers like Triple H, and the Rock built what WWE is today, and also has the NWO that changed the face of a Heel to its fans.



The New Wrestlers

I must be honest, I have not watched WWE in about 5 years, so some of these wrestlers I only heard of from Wrestlemania recaps and the odd commercials I came across.  In Dice Masters Becky Lynch is a broken card in My Opinion, and Asuka makes Masks teams just nuts, but we will only be able to confirm that when Nationals or World’s hit.


Created Cards

I actually have a list of cards I created for fun, but I will leave that for another article.  Please comment any cards you think were missed in Dice Masters?  I will leave you with one of the created cards so far, and while its a straight reprint, I really thought it was going to be in this set for sure… Resurrection anyone?


I really hope you can share your thoughts, and of course please feel free to give some feedback if you would like to see more of these types of articles.

Thanks for reading…


3 Replies to “Getting Creative with Reggie – Alternative Art Series 1 – WWE

  1. This is great stuff. I wondered where you were getting those caricatures and now I know. Very good looking. I do also like the flavor that the different layout brings in conjunction with the caricatures. It seems a perfect fit to me.

    Now maybe I need to craft a Nolan Harris-inspired WWE playmat. Hmm…

    1. The caricatures that Nolan Harris does are amazing. While I know lots like the real life art on the WWE cards, Comic like ones would have been amazing!!!

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