Fixit the Destroyer

This time, I wanted to try out Mr. Fixit and see if he’s really that crazy. So I built this.

Note: This is not an optimal build, but this was on purpose. I’ll address improvements in the post-mortem.

Mr. Fixit, Magic Missile and Hellfire Club is the strategy. Play Fixit, make him huge with Magic Missile’s global, use Hellfire Club to kill everything else (including any blankers!), and attack with a guy with excessively huge stats. (40+ attack is really easy to get to) Giganta serves to spin him up so that he gets more attack for each damage taken from Magic Missile.

Heimdall+Resurrection serve as ramp. Shriek for Shriek, Scarlet Witch for action hate, Babs for removal. Iron Fist for a bit of protection plus a fun when KO’d effect.

Game 1:

I went up against a fun little Villains/Bolt-Ring team. (sounds worse than it is) Setting up took me a little while, as getting everything put together was really clumsy with the team as it is (Heimdall and Resurrection do not help each other out much). But eventually, it worked, everything got KO’d, and I attacked for around 40 damage on the turn before he would’ve bolt-ring’d me to death.


Game 2:

I went up against Jervis+Dum Dum+Spider-man sidekick rush. Similar situation; I had a really clumsy first couple of turns, but eventually, I got Hellfire and Fixit to roll together, and I attacked for huge damage and won.


Game 3:

That game was against Jubilee+Cube. He was the only one all night that had Cold Gun, a clear weakness of the team. Because of that, I couldn’t set up for the win quickly enough, and even with Iron Fist slowing him down, he managed to burn me quick enough for the win.



  • Heimdall and Res do not work well together; Res often triggers bag refills (either the same turn or the next one), making Heimdall tough to use effectively.
  • Heimdall’s global is really rigid. He really requires some crazy bag discipline to use right (or a card that gets stuff to used like C Rip Hunter). Definitely challenging.
  • This team was purposefully held back; it can be faster and more consistent. To clarify: Iron Fist should be R Mary Jane, Heimdall should be Chalkboard, Res should be Mutation (to spin down MJ and KO her more easily for Magic Missile to re-field her), and Giganta could be a sidekick fixer. At that point, Fixit + MJ’s the main strategy, and Hellfire Club’s a backup plan, especially against teams with multiple blankers. Fixit’s stats are so huge that 20 overcrushing damage is really easy to get to. The team gets much faster at that point. For convenience, the better version is here.
  • Currently, this team has no answer to Blink-Transmutation/Kate Bishop, so that would have to be worked in somehow. Maybe instead of Babs?

Overall, the concept has potential, but Fixit’s not excessively broken. Like any huge bruiser, it’s stoppable with the right cards.


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