Fastball Special: Villain Edition

Hello Dice Masters!  Last night, we ran our October Team of the Month.  It was suggested that we simplify things by breaking up the Results and next challenge into separate articles.  It made sense, so here is what happened last night.

For the October 2018 TOTM, we ran a format we called Mastermind & Minions.  The rules of the build were as follows:

  • Only Villains are eligible to be on your Team (they must have the Villain Affiliation).
  • No super-rare cards were allowed for this build.  
  • Flip cards were fine, but must start the game on their Villain side.  If this is not possible, the card cannot be used.
  • The card pool was open to all Golden cards.
  • The Team was to be built around one character who would be your “Mastermind”.  This could be any Villain you wanted, but must have a minimum of 3 dice on it.
  • The rest of your Team was considered the “minions” of your chosen Mastermind.  The rules for the minions were simple.  They must cost a minimum of 2 less than your Mastermind.
  • You were allowed up to two non-BAC actions on your Team.  One must represent a “hideout” (cards that name a location would be eligible here), and the other must represent “equipment” (something usable for your villains).  You cannot have 2 locations or 2 pieces of equipment.  Only one of each.  The cost rules were the same as they were for Minions.  Non-BAC actions were optional in your build, but must follow these rules.
  • You could not win the game until you have at least purchased one of your Mastermind dice.  If you were able to swing for lethal, but did not purchased your Mastermind, you would not be allowed to swing.

So, with this in mind, let’s see what Masterminds showed up for tonight’s event.  Here were the builds from the people who participated:

Chris from CR Gameroom participated in the TOTM Challenge and was kind enough to stream some of the night’s games.  Thank you Chris for that.  You can check out the stream below.

Kree Captain proved to be one of the most popular pieces on the night, and rightly so.  With a Villain-centric build, he becomes a beast really quickly.  Plus, the Global (*insert name here) is a good tool to get to your Mastermind.

While most of us used the Kree Captain as a giant attacker, one person took a different (and unexpected) route.  Stu paired the Captain with the Rare Collector and Thanos from the Guardians of the Galaxy set.  With Thanos in the Field, he would use Collector’s ability to bring in a Kree Captain for 1 fist.

The ability of Thanos says that when a Villain is field, you deal the attack value of that villain directly to your opponent.  The Rent-a-Captain would come in and deal an easy 10+ damage since there were so many Villains.  It was a Fastball Special unlike anything I had seen before.  The real beauty of this is you can pull the same shenanigans on your opponent’s turn thanks to the Collector.  When I first saw the combo go off, my jaw dropped.  I never really thought of this mix of characters.  I think this has some possibility in normal Constructed games where there are not the same build limitations.  Definitely something I want to try out in the future.

Tonight was an easy choice for the most unique/interesting Team.  It was pretty much unanimous across the board.  The winner of the October TOTM is…


Congratulations Stu!  It was fun night with great games and great people.  We are looking forward to something big for the next TOTM.

Stay tuned…

– jourdo


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