Enter the Winter Dragons.

This week, unleash the Winter Dragons!

Here is the Team.

If this seems familiar, yes, DMArmada and I had a very similar idea, but we built our teams independently of each other. (you can find a video of DMArmada’s team here)

For those who don’t know, Ring of Winter and Silver Dragon are the core of the strategy. Field Silver Dragon, discount my dragons (discount further using Ring of Winter’s global if you’re buying big dragons), buy cheap dragons, use Ring of Winter to field those dragons at level 3.

With those dragons’ stats being huge, you can hit really hard. If you have energy available, you can use Breath Weapon for a lot of damage. (I find I didn’t need rare Cube with the amount of different dragons I’d have available)

So of course, White Dragon, Gold Dragon and Red Dragon are there to be bought at a discount. Chalkboard serves to have Ring of Winter available on turn 2.

Shriek for Shriek, Scarlet Witch because I still deal with Jubilee+Cube a fair bit. For BACs, I chose Odin’s Fury to have a 2-cost other than Ring of Winter, and Archnemesis for the global (to deal with Blob/Collector more easily).

Game 1:

Got a bye. Meh.

Game 2:

I was up against the Warriors Three that give Overcrush, Deadly and Intimidate to each other. Silver Dragon got Shrieked early, but he was still on the field, and hitting for a fair amount. I got to get other big dragons on the field, and from there, it went fine. Got Shriek off the field long enough to buy some cheap dragons (buying an 8/8 Red Dragon for 4 energy just feels dirty), and swung in with enough Breath Weapon damage that she only had a Volstagg left to block, so I won. 🙂

Game 3:

I was up against a fun Golden Age-style team. Hard to pin a specific strategy; he’s a newer player, but he has tons of strong pieces to work with. That game, we had horrible rolls all around. Neither of us would roll shields, almost at all. I eventually did manage to field Silver Dragon, and started buying my dragons for cheap. I set up a big board, and used Breath Weapon for 5 (3 from Gold Dragon, 2 from Silver Dragon) to clear the blockers and win.

So I finished 3-0 if you count the bye. Post-mortem:

-This team is very vulnerable to Shriek being used against Silver Dragon. Without Silver Dragon, everything’s suddenly too expensive. Had to buy Odin’s Fury sometimes because I simply couldn’t buy anything else.

-I need more ramp in this. I wanted a shield-type sidekick fixer (Cyborg or Bifrost) all evening. I also should’ve put Investigation in there to have more energy available (which DMArmada did).

-I used Archnemesis’ global one time all evening. That could easily go off the team (for Investigation or some other ramp).

Overall, even though I only played 2 games, this is a pretty fun team to play with. But there’s lots of room for improvements.

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  1. Whoa! That ring is really cool!
    I’ve not had a chance to explore the d&d sets much. I mostly collect DC stuff, but man there are some powerful things in those sets.

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