Here, you will find all the drawings, SuperK has done since 2020.
Just a little background, SuperK aka Kim loves to draw and even went to art school in high school. Art wasn’t a career she wanted to get into and never really drew after, just here and there. In 2020, her niece asked her to watch a ‘how to draw’ video of her choice and she choose baby Sonic and since then, she kept drawing every week. Inspiration comes from comic book characters, pictures seen online (or how to draw videos) and even from her son asking “Mommy, can you draw..”. Her favourite medium to use is pencil crayon. Her hubby even said, “you should start to stream your drawings”. So, she did!

You can join SuperK on ‘Draw Everything’, every other Monday on the dmNorthTV Twitch channel for a chill and relaxing drawing stream.

Thanks for the support and enjoy the drawings!

Click on the images to get a full view of the drawing and description.
Click the chain link on the thumbnail to watch the video (if available).

These are hand drawn and coloured in using different types of medium


these are hand drawn, scanned and digitally coloured


Missed the Twitch drawing stream? Do not worry, it’s upload on the dmNorthTV YouTube channel. While you are there, check out our other content and if you like what you see, hit that subscribe button!

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