Doom of Malekith

This week I decided to try my luck at running this combo:

in an unlimited Constructed event.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Doom of Malekith

Since Malekith protects my generic Sidekicks from Doctor Doom’s effect, I can keep them in the field while my opponent is unlikely to be able to do the same.  That should make it easy for me to outnumber him when I’m attacking, and even if it’s only Sidekick dice getting through they’re all 2A.

Once I get Malekith out, fielding a Sidekick will be fielding a Villain – and I’m going to have a lot of Villain dice in the field.  So I slapped on common Hellfire Club for a ramp option, and Kree Captain:  Lost Purpose because he’s buffed by every active Villain die.

I threw in Green Devil Mask to make it harder for opponents to maintain any kind of wall.  I threw in Acererak as protection against Scarlet Witch, and the Thor with the global to make action dice cheaper to make the GDMs a little more affordable.

Wong was added as a cheap Fast Ally with some punch.

BACs were Thrown Brick and Target Lock.  The first for ramp, the second as a possible counter to whatever big gun my opponents were bringing.

Game 1:

Bye.  Off to a good start (more or less).


Game 2:

Up against the same Red Lanterns team I matched up with two weeks ago.  Like last time, I won the coin toss and snatched two of his three Candlekeep dice.  Also like last time, he had trouble finding shield energy to buy his Supergirl dice.

He was running Rare Bleeze, which allowed him to get one of my Green Devil Masks out of the field before it triggered.  I was gradually wearing him down, and then my Green Devil Mask die came around again,  He had four card character dice in his field and he whiffed the roll on all four of them.  I had Doom, Malekith, a Kree Captain and several 2/2 Sidekicks to rumble through his empty field.


Game 3:

Samantha Wilson/Spot team with plenty of Allies and Batman:  Plays Too Rough.  Also had Green Lantern Power Ring for the Villain Maker global to make sure his Batman gets Overcrush.

I let his Batman through once for 11 damage because I didn’t think I could come up with enough blockers for it every turn.  With Doom, MaIekith and eventually a couple of Kree Captains I was able to get in some decent damage of my own.  He was getting a lot of characters KOed, but he was managing to refield enough of them to prevent me from getting lethal.

He eventually got in the last three points of damage he needed with two points of Overcrush damage from Batman and one Sidekick I wasn’t able to block.  I had Doom out at the time, so in the heat of the moment we must have both forgotten Doom’s effect should have KOed the Sidekick as soon as he was fielded.

No big deal – I’ve been the beneficiary at times when we’ve accidentally mucked up the rules, so I shouldn’t complain too much when it works the other way round.




The team worked reasonably well.  I didn’t buy Target Lock in the last game, and in retrospect I wish I had.  I think it would have slowed down his Batman quite a bit, and that was the real punch on his team.

I didn’t get much use out of Hellfire Club as ramp, but that’s partly because I was using Candlekeep dice in Round 2.

Not that I haven’t said this in other articles, but when the store only schedules 3 rounds and you get a bye – that’s only two rounds of live gameplay, and that’s an extremely limited sample size to evaluate a team on.

Still, the ‘first impression’ was mostly favorable.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

-Son of L

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