Donning the Uniform

While looking at the cards for Nova Corps Uniforms and I realized the Rare combos nicely with Staff of the Forgotten One.

When that combo goes off, it will clear my opponent’s field, most likely sending a bunch of dice to his Prep Area.  To take advantage of that we add Super Rare X-23 to the mix.  

What Did You Play?

The Team: X-23 of the Nova Corps

The recipe here is pretty simple.  Get X-23 out.  Put a Nova Corps Uniform on her.  Use Staff of the Forgotten One.  Attack with X-23.  Roll all of the dice in both players Prep Areas, and confirm X-23’s A was increased enough that you won the game.

Game 1:

TOA Pirates (all 2 of them), Heimdall, Uncommon Hela and Swarmers.  This player hadn’t heard about the recent ruling that nerfed Immortal dice, so his Swarm was much less consistent than he’d originally anticipated.  He got one of his pirates out with a Heavy Armor die attached, giving said pirate an impressive 10D.  It didn’t do anything to stop my combo from going off, however, which it did.


Game 2:

The same Green Lantern/Warriors Three team from last week.  Bought X-23 early and got her out quickly.  A couple turns later I had eight energy and only a couple of dice in my bag.  Used my Eye of Agamotto global and his Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard global so I had Nova Corps Uniform in Prep and Staff in the bag, certain to be drawn on my next turn.

On his turn, he attacked with an 8A overcrushing Fandral.  He was quite surprised when I only blocked with my Mimic, taking 7.  I knew I’d be getting the two action dice I needed for the combo on my next turn.  If I got them both on their action faces I’d win, and if I didn’t get them I was unlikely to survive long enough to get them on a later turn.

On my turn I got the two action dice I needed and re-fielded Mimic, copying Fandral’s 6A in the process.  That proved redundant – my opponent (who’d been using Mimic/PXG ramp) had so many dice in his used pile X-23 got +20A when I fired off the combo.


Game 3:

Rare 2 attack steps Captain Marvel from Civil War with a collection of Infiltrators.  He also had SR Angela, but never actually got her out against me.  Used Heimdall and Ring of Winter globals to get Marvel out quickly, then kept probing me with Infiltrators.  I was able to find something to block with every time, so he wasn’t doing any damage.

I’d gotten X-23 out quickly myself and his little probe attacks didn’t do anything to prevent me buying Staff or Uniform.  It didn’t take all that long for everything to come together for me to fire off the combo.



A very effective team.  If not for the inconvenient fact that X-23 rotates out with the rest of Deadpool at the end of the month, I would suggest that with only a little bit of tweaking this could make a serious competitive-level team.

To make a team that’s close to the given one, but (post-rotation) Modern legal, you could swap in the uncommon Mr. Fixit for X-23.   His purchase cost is higher, and his ability isn’t quite as useful, even if you aren’t at the mercy of dice rolls to find out if you actually had lethal.

I’d played the X-23 team (except I was using different BACs) at a different event a few days earlier.  There was only one other player there, so we played 3 games.  I won 2 of the 3, but I never got the full combo off in any of those 3 games – largely because I was struggling to buy X-23.

At the later event, 2 of my 3 opponents were using Heimdall, and the other had both Rip Hunter’s Chalkboard and Resurrection.  At the earlier event my opponent was using Swarm to ramp – nothing he had to share.  I had Mimic and the Captain America global, but in the first two games I didn’t roll Mimic on a character face on my first bag cycle, which put a crimp in my plans on when i would be buying X-23.

Having Heimdall available seemed to allow me to get X-23 out early more consistently so I think I’d swap out Mimic to start bringing Heimdall myself.

Have you played any teams that made good use of X-23, Staff of the Forgotten One, or Nova Corps Uniform?  Or any other great action dice combinations?  Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and happy rolling.

-Son of L

4 Replies to “Donning the Uniform

  1. I’ve been playing around with staff and the uc daisy Johnson, might have to try nova corps uniform instead, although you are doubly screwed by scarlet witch

    1. I had Acererak on the team so the global would give me a potential work around if Scarlet Witch showed up. It also helps that Nova Corps Uniform is Continuous, so you don’t have to draw and roll both of the action dice on the same turn for the combo to work. Not saying Scarlet Witch can’t be a problem, but she doesn’t automatically shut the team down cold.

  2. I submitted a similar (but definitely not same) team for May’s TotM using the Mr Fixit.

    I like how your team really puts your opponent in a position of choosing between two bad options (fielding fewer characters and providing no blockers, or fielding more characters and feeding the X-23 engine). Scarlet Witch or Shriek can certainly cause problems, but then you could always have a defense for them.

    1. I did have the Acererak global to (hopefully) counter Scarlet Witch if she’d appeared. My plan if X-23 had been targeted by Shriek (or R Blob) was to switch to Captain America and Dum Dum Dugan. Dum Dum is buffed by my Sidekicks, and they are buffed when Captain America is fielded. I’d say the team’s biggest weakness is that it doesn’t have an answer for uncommon Madame Masque or anything else that shuts down ‘when fielded’ effects. Scarlet Witch and Shriek can always cause problems, but with this team I’d like my odds better against an opponent running either of those than Madame Masque.

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