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dmNorthTV and Guests play board games!!  Saturday nights, we get together with friends and try and play a stream friendly board game.  It is usually a fun get together with great people.  A time to enjoy to social aspect of gaming that we are lacking right now.

Here, you will find our short and sweet review on the board game we have played from each of the players.  We stream the gameplay on the dmNorthTV Twitch channel every Saturday.  Come hangout and say “Hi” if you get a chance.

This week, we played through Marvel United.  Marvel United is a 1 to 4 players by CMON and Spin Master.  It is designed by Andrea Chiarvesio and Eric M. Lang.

Boardgamegeek describes Marvel United as:

In Marvel United you take the role of iconic Marvel Heroes cooperating to stop the master plan of a powerful Villain controlled by the game. Each Villain unveils their unique master plan, with cards that trigger different effects, and threats that pose challenges across the locations. Heroes must choose carefully the cards to play from their unique decks, that not only offer different actions and superpowers to use, but also combine with the actions of other Heroes to do the impossible. Build your storyline, unite your powers, save the day!

This week, SuperK, RonathanPxPx, Reg and jourdo strapped on their spandex to take on the evil Red Skull.  You can take a look at our gameplay video on our YouTube channel, or scroll on down to see what we thought of the game.

Final Thoughts About . . . Marvel United

Here, we will give you some basic thoughts about the game we played.  This is by no means meant to be an in-depth review of the game, as there are already lots of those out there.  This is just a “what did we think of it and would it be a good board game night game” type thing.  If you want to see something more in-depth, please let us know in the comments below.

Rating System

  • 5 Meeples: Fantastic Game, A must-play game!
  • 4 Meeples: Great Game, minor flaws.
  • 3 Meeples: Good Game, some weaknesses.
  • 2 Meeples: OK Game, needs work.
  • 1 Meeple: Awful Game. Do not play this unless you want to punish yourself.


Ok… this is going to be a tough one, as I am comparing what comes in the base box vs what is out there with all of the Kickstarter extras.  For the purposes of this blurb, I am going to focus on the retail copy and what comes with that.

This is a very affordable game ($30 CDN at Walmart), and for that price you get a decent experience.  The gameplay is not complicated, but does require some planning to work as a Team (something we realized more as the game went on).  A little more preknowledge of what the Villain cards do is definitely a help (and would have changed our strategies).  The minis are spectacular (as is expected with any CMON game) and were one of the bigger draws for me.  The core box looks like it will give you some variety with the number of Villains and Heroes that come in it.  It is a nice shorter game experience that keeps things on the lighter side.

The biggest cons to this game are when you look at the Kickstarter.  Like many CMON games, much of the content is not available at retail.  I feel the replayability of the game would be much better if you could increase your roster of choices.  If you missed out on these goodies, you are probably out of luck.

Long story short… would I recommend this game?  Yes… IF you can find it on the cheap.  I don’t see myself investing heavily in all of the extras as what I have is good enough.  Will this be jumping off the shelf regularly?  Probably not, as I do enjoy deeper experiences overally.  However, if I want something quick and easy to teach I would not hesitate to grab this.


Marvel United is a fun, light game and very easy to learn. Its a great family game if you’re feeling heroic as there isn’t much overwhelming aspects (eg Villains and/or card text) and its co-op. I think gameplay/replayability will change with this, as you play different characters and villains. Jourdo mentioned knowing the villains helps but I think not knowing makes it a more of a challenge for first time playing (until you play again with the same villain).
Yes, the Marvel United X-Men kickstarter is ending soon (May 5th) and I will be pledging as I don’t own the base game and I prefer X-men over Avengers. Plus I am a sucker for minis. This game (like all my other board games) will sit on the shelf but I like that there is a solo mode.


Tonights game was Marvel United was Very Easy to learn the gameplay and the abilities. Was fun and replayablilty I believe will be there until we win a couple games in a row. Difficulty was just right at the beginner level, and I know they have advanced features when you start to understand the villain flow. The knock against this game is the lack of customization between characters. Maybe it was because we didnt run Ironman or Captain America, but all 4 characters seemed to do the same thing.
I think Marvel United is going to be a purchase for my family. For my gameplay group this game will not be on the same level that Marvel Champions is at though. Very Light game to learn and play, it will be fine on the casual level. I know I can pick up this copy for $30 at my local Walmart and easily would suggest others to do the same. Currently there is a kickstarter for X-men united, and at the $60 US price range, I just dont think there is enough variety for me to open up for that version as the Avengers will do just fine.


A great entry into the the cooperative minis gaming verse that has you take on the role of a Marvel Hero that has you battle between 6 different locations to prevent a Villain from completing their plot. Your ability to attack, move and perform a hero action each turn is dependent upon the card that you play and the last card your teammate played which requires good table communication. At sub $30 US the game is well worth it to buy as you will get at least 3 playthroughs against 3 different villains. It only drawback at times is that it could lack replay value with bland hero cards, however this will be fixed in the upcoming X-men United release which will grant hero and supervillain powers as well as let one player take on the role of the villain in a 1 vs all format.

If you are interested in getting a copy of Marvel United for yourself, please check out one of the best online board game stores in Canada… Board Game Bliss.  Clicking through that referral link helps the site out and we thank you for that.

Anyone is welcome to play board games with us.  If you have a game you would like to see streams, please let us know.  The only limitation (beyond actually owning the game) is that they must be stream friendly as we are playing it remotely.  Contact us on any of the Socials or leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading!


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