dmNorthTV plays … Marvel Champions: The Card Game (Part Deux)

dmNorthTV and Guests play board games!!  Saturday nights, we get together with friends and try and play a stream friendly board game.  It is usually a fun get together with great people.  A time to enjoy to social aspect of gaming that we are lacking right now.

Here, you will find our short and sweet review on the board game we have played from each of the players.  We stream the gameplay on the dmNorthTV Twitch channel every other Saturday.  Come hangout and say “Hi” if you get a chance.

Due to a delay in a Kickstarter delivery, this week we returned to Marvel Champions: The Card Game.  Marvel Champions is a co-operative living card game.  You choose your hero and associated cards and combine it with an Aspect (Justice, Aggression, Leadership, or Protection) to suit your play style.  Use preconstructed decks or make your own to give your heroes the best chance at victory.  The heroes will work together to battle and stop the villain who is trying to complete their master scheme.  Can the heroes defeat the villain before time is up?

Villain:  Klaw
Hereos:  Spider-Man, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver

This week, we were joined by comicsmike, RonathanPxPx and a dmNorthTV addition, to see if we could power our way to victory over Klaw.  You can take a look at our gameplay video on our YouTube channel, or scroll on down to see what we thought of the game.

Final Thoughts About . . . Marvel Champions: The Card Game

Here, we will give you some basic thoughts about the game we played.  This is by no means meant to be an in-depth review of the game, as there are already lots of those out there.  This is just a “what did we think of it and would it be a good board game night game” type thing.  If you want to see something more in-depth, please let us know in the comments below.

Rating System

  • 5 Meeples: Fantastic Game, A must-play game!
  • 4 Meeples: Great Game, minor flaws.
  • 3 Meeples: Good Game, some weaknesses.
  • 2 Meeples: OK Game, needs work.
  • 1 Meeple: Awful Game. Do not play this unless you want to punish yourself.


I actually got to join the hero part of the game this time and went with the core hero Spider-man.  I enjoyed the mechanics and the starter deck was good enough for me.  I can definitely see where making adjustments to the deck will help you in the future.  Even though the game was not Snyderian like last time, I feel that 4 players is a little too many.  The game itself would still get 4 meeples, but the player count in this session drops it a bit.


For my 2nd time playing, I had tons of fun. This time I played Scarlet Witch and I found I had a better handle on her abilities etc. It can get a bit overwhelming with the Villain and all actions they are doing, with minions and attachments etc. and does take a long time to play.


Playing Marvel Champions for the first time, I was extremely excited to play.
What made me even more excited to play was the group of players I was playing with for the night. Having the ability to customize my 40 card deck with Quicksilver to my one of the 4 styles of play was very enjoyable to build. Seeing your combos go off and being thwarted by the luck of the draw is what makes this game even more special to play. It was even fun having the villain opponent basically on Auto Pilot allows the villain player to actually try to cheer for you to win. For a serious board gamer, this game would be an absolute 100% buy it now, but for the casual player I would find the gameplay on the difficult scale to learn. It certainly would not be a game played with my family and would be more of a 3 out of 5 rating, but in my board game group, I can see it being reached for multiple times in a year to be played. I like that the game is consistently coming out with expansions and keeping the game and cards fresh. I also wish that they spin this off and had DC version down the road.


We had a full house of four players, Kim, Ron, Matt, and Reg. To help move the game along, I controlled the villain, Klaw. Everyone was working together very well out of the gate, then Klaw managed to exhaust a bunch of the heroes. That is when the crisis really began to kick in. The good guys just couldn’t get the upper hand for the rest of the game. Kim and Reg played new characters that I have not played with before. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are very fun heroes to play with, and sometimes work together on the Alter Ego side. The Witch uses the enemy deck against the villain, and the speedster Quicksilver finds ways to do multiple things on a turn. I will always be up to play this game with great people like the DM-North crew. Klaw won the day that day, but I do expect there to be many return battles. Thank you all.


My rating has increased slightly to a 4.5 meeples. I enjoyed the fact that we had a harder time with the villain this time around. 3 players is definitely the sweet spot just like in Marvel Legendary, however i really enjoyed this experience with 4 players, it didn’t seem like forever downtimes in between turns.

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Anyone is welcome to play board games with us.  If you have a game you would like to see streams, please let us know.  The only limitation (beyond actually owning the game) is that they must be stream friendly as we are playing it remotely.  Contact us on any of the Socials or leave a comment below.

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