dmNorth Plays… Flash Point Fire Rescue

In the distance, the smoke rises in the downtown core. The warm glow of the fires glisten in the windows of the office high-rise. In the night, you can see the lights of the dmNorth fire department on their way to save the day. That’s right folks, we return to the tabletop to take another stab at the board game Flash Point Fire Rescue.

The board game crew of dmNorthTV returns to live stream their board game night live on Twitch. Flash Point Fire Rescue is a 2 to 6 player cooperative board game, where you play as a team of firefighters doing their best to control fires and save civilians along the way. Tonight, we bring the tabletop expansion, Urban Structures, which provides major movement challenges compared to the base game. Breaking down walls and controlling the damage will be essential to finding our way to victory.

In this video, we play a 4 player session of the Flash Point Fire Rescue board game, using the Urban Structures expansion, live on our Twitch stream. Can we work together as a team to control the raging fires and save some civilians along the way? Will our Captain finally not die, or at least have functional firefighters to work with? How does the expansion compare to the base board game?

Tune in to see how this tabletop cooperative board game translates to the online world of Twitch live streaming.

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Flash Point Fire Rescue is published by Indie Boards & Cards, and is designed by Kevin Lanzing.

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