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We were recently given the opportunity from our friends at Wizkids to check out one of their upcoming board games.  We decided to show it off on our regular Saturday Night Board Game Live Stream on Twitch.  Thank you again to the Team at Wizkids for giving us the opportunity to share this game with you.  Let us know what you think about the game in the comments down below.

Welcome to the Dice Conquest!  Looking to slay some monsters through dice? Then this is a game for you! Play it solo or band together for up to 4 players to defeat the monsters and get to the big bady, the dragon, Kalterstorm.

The official description of Dice Conquest says:

“”The dragon Kalterstorm laid waste to the countryside before retiring to its lair in the ruins of Raxor Thun. You are tasked with the destruction of the dragon, but a gauntlet of creatures stands in your way.”

In this cooperative game, one or more Heroes will battle Creatures by selecting and placing dice. Once the total of the values of all the dice on a Creature is equal to or more than that Creature’s health, it is defeated! Using inherent special abilities, critical hits, and Magic Items gained from defeating certain Creatures, the Heroes will be able to face the final foe, the dragon, Kalterstorm. Should any Hero fall, at any time, all players have lost.”

How did the dmNorthTV crew do? watch and find out.
Check out the game play from our Twitch Stream in the video below.

Final Thoughts About . . . Dice Conquest

The stream was the first exposure to this game. SuperK was excited for this game as its dice rolling and defeating terrifying monsters, right up her ally!

The game comes with beautiful 7 piece set of polyhedral dice which you use as your “weapon”. There are 8 heroes to choose and in our game, we randomised. Each hero has their own ability which can modify the game play and a critical hit number which is also an ability you can use in attacking the monsters. Each hero starts with 6 life … yes, that is not enough!

The monster deck is shuffled (23 cards) and the final “boss”, the Dragon, is placed at the end of the deck. This makes it quite random as you have no idea what type of monster you will get. Each round, three monsters are revealed (joining other monsters if there are leftovers) and the fight begins. The monsters can be easy to defeat, some have special ability that can hinder you, some spawn more monsters. Not always simple! E.g. the Ogre who must be defeated before you can even target other creatures or the Gremlin, who can only be defeated with three damage exactly. You wish for some luck of the rolls!

The active player will rolls all 7 dice and the number on the die will help in defeating the monster. The die can be re-rolled but you must keep the new roll. The monster health is represented by the HP value on the top left of the card. Each player on their turn will place a die on the monster card, using any ability they wish and once the value is reached, the monster is defeated. Some monsters give special items when defeated which the player will who defeated the monster will receive. These items can help greatly in the game. The die/dice used to defeated the monster go to the spent pool and once all dice are used, the round ends. The round will end as well if the a player passes or all monsters are slain. The next active player will roll the dice and repeat.

If you manage to get through all the monsters which we did and we worked very well together to do so and slay the dragon, you win! or if not, everyone dies. You win or lose together.

Some of the monsters do give back damage to your life which we tried to defeat first. Towards the end, this made it tough as our life was low and made it hard to defeat the dragon. 6 life seems so little, you can have mange it well.

There are optional advanced trap cards that you can use in the game. We didn’t play with these cards but maybe one day when we actually beat the game 🙂

Overall, Dice Conquest was a thinker as you needed to make sure you are using the dice given wisely and everyone needs to work together. At a price right around $17.95 CDN, it would be a decent addition to your collection.  Dice Conquest is currently scheduled for an estimated release in October 2022.

I have now played this solo and with multiple players.  It is a much better game with more players, as it allows for more abilities to be in play.  There are lots of decisions to be made, so if you enjoy the co-operative games, you will like this.  There is much more game packed into this box that what you would expect.  I feel it is a fun game with some interesting decisions, but not one that would see much play in my household.  The D&D fans will love it though.  – jourdo

I really enjoyed this game! It is a co-op game and you really need to work together, know your hero ability and use items at the right time to be successful. It is not a light game, though it is a fast game time wise. There is a lot of decisions to be made as a team and you try and plan out your future moves based on the dice rolls. There is a lot of randomness which makes it re-playable. The dice are awesome and at a price point less then $20, it is well worth it. It’s a fun game in a fantasy theme (D&D) world.  – SuperK

I enjoyed the cooperative nature of this game.  It reminded me of other cooperative games I’ve played where characters are working together, using their unique skills and turn order to maximize, in this case, the defeat of the monsters.  The D&D theme appeals to many players, particularly ones that enjoy the combat aspect of D&D.  If you’re looking for role-play D&D, this is not the game for you. The dice were pretty, which gives the game bonus points from me.  It was an interesting game but a bit longer than I expected.  Overall, 3.5 meeples for this game (the .5 being the art and the dice :)). – jocestitch

Rating System
5 Meeples: Fantastic Game, A must-play game!
4 Meeples: Great Game, minor flaws.
3 Meeples: Good Game, some weaknesses.
2 Meeples: OK Game, needs work.
1 Meeple: Awful Game. Do not play this unless you want to punish yourself.

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