dmNorth Plays… Horrified

The Universal movie monsters are here to menace the local village. Each one has a different puzzle to solve before it can be defeated. Our heroes are the only thing standing between chaos and peace. They will need to guide the villagers around the table top and away from the monsters to safety. Collecting items along the way is the only way to be able to free the village of the monster incursion. Spooky Saturdays return to the tabletop for the month of October on the Twitch live stream.

We take this tabletop co-operative board game to Twitch to see if our team of heroes can rid the village of the monsters menacing the villagers. Work together to gather the correct items to meet the requirements to defeat each monster. Can we untangle the curse of the Mummy? Will the Werewolf see the light and return to its human form? Will Frankenstein and his Bride learn how to find true love?

The board game crew of dmNorthTV returns to live stream their board game night live on Twitch. Horrified is a 1 to 5 player board game, where you play a team of heroes who are trying to chase multiple monsters from the village. Will we triumph in the co-operative board game, or will we be Horrified by our result?

In this video, we play a 3 player session of the Horrified board game live on our Twitch stream. Will we be able to rid the village of the monster menace? Will our leader fall to the dmNorth curse?

Tune in to see how this spooky tabletop board game translates to the online world of Twitch live streaming. While you are checking out our YouTube video, consider giving it a like and subscribe to the channel to see more of our board game gameplay content. Maybe drop a comment down below to let us know what you thought?

Horrified is published by Ravensburger and is designed by Prospero Hall.

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