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dmNorthTV and Guests play board games!!  Saturday nights, we get together with friends and try and play a stream friendly board game.  It is usually a fun get together with great people.  A time to enjoy to social aspect of gaming that we are lacking right now.

Here, you will find our short and sweet review on the board game we have played from each of the players.  We stream the gameplay on the dmNorthTV Twitch channel every Saturday.  Come hangout and say “Hi” if you get a chance.

Saturday, we played through Ghostbusters: The Board Game.  Ghostbusters is a 1-4 player co-operative game based on the IDW Ghostbusters universe.  It was designed by Matt Hyra, Adam Sblendorio, and Mataio Wilson.  Ghostbusters is published by Cryptozoic Games.

In Ghostbusters, you will be working together as a team of four paranormal investigators and eliminators working through various scenarios to rid the world of those pesky ghosts.  Each scenario has unique conditions to complete, but generally centers around closing portals/gates to the spirit world.  If you ever run out of ghosts in the spirit world, you lose the game.

You will be leveling up your Ghostbusters in order to unlock more useful ability throughout the game.  The basic mechanics of the game include moving around the board, removing slime from your teammates, and of course… busting ghosts.

The game is designed to play individual scenarios or a multi-scenario campaign where your Ghostbusters maintain their levels between games.  Ghostbusters: The Board Game would fall under the sandbox type games, like Zombicide, where players can design their own scenarios to play themselves.

SuperK and jourdo strapped on the proton packs and took to the streets of carboard New York in order to save the city from the Slimer situation.  You can take a look at our gameplay video on our YouTube channel, or scroll on down to see what we thought of the game.

Final Thoughts About . . . Ghostbusters: The Board Game

Here, we will give you some basic thoughts about the game we played.  This is by no means meant to be an in-depth review of the game, as there are already lots of those out there.  This is just a “what did we think of it and would it be a good board game night game” type thing.  If you want to see something more in-depth, please let us know in the comments below.

Rating System

  • 5 Meeples: Fantastic Game, A must-play game!
  • 4 Meeples: Great Game, minor flaws.
  • 3 Meeples: Good Game, some weaknesses.
  • 2 Meeples: OK Game, needs work.
  • 1 Meeple: Awful Game. Do not play this unless you want to punish yourself.


I backed this on Kickstarter in 2015 because I am a sucker for the Ghostbusters IP.  I am glad I got this version over what was released at retail.  This is one of those times where the creators put too much into the Kickstarter and took too much from the retail game.  If I were to have purchased the game in a store, I would be lacking in some of the scenarios and characters.  For that reason alone, I cannot really recommend the retail version of the game unless you cannot live without Ghostbusters in your life and it is a smoking deal.

The gameplay itself is fun enough.  The core Ghostbusters work well together and each of them serves a role that is essential to the team.  You definitely realize how important managing slime is during the game.  Slime essentially reduces the number of actions each character gets, so removing it is essential in order to be a useful team member.

We played through the first two scenarios of the Slimer Situation campaign.  So far, it has felt really introductory (and maybe that was the point) and the challenge level seems… low.  We could easily dance around the more challenging ghosts and make a beeline to the gates to end the scenario.  Maybe that was the point?  Looking ahead at the final two parts of campaign, it does look like the game will get more challenging and we will be forced to deal with the bigger and badder ghosties.  Despite the ease, I am still wanting to complete the campaign.

Overall, this was a fun enough experience… but it definitely feels like the game has some issues.  If you are looking for some light hearted fun in the Ghostbusters universe, this will definitely satisfy that.  If you are looking for a deep game with flawless mechanics, you will need to go elsewhere.  If you have a friend who has this game, it is worth a play… but like I said at the start, I cannot really recommend putting it into your own collection.


Who you gonna call? This game is fun as I am a Ghostbuster fan but gameplay is very quick and not much of a challenge. We went through two scenarios in our gameplay. The Ghostbusters have there abilities that help each other and I realized half-way how to properly control Peter and Ray to their full potential which helped to level them up. The game is missing some mechanics to make it a bit more challenging. I felt we could just do what we needed to do to win the scenario without repercussions.

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Anyone is welcome to play board games with us.  If you have a game you would like to see streams, please let us know.  The only limitation (beyond actually owning the game) is that they must be stream friendly as we are playing it remotely.  Contact us on any of the Socials or leave a comment below.  You can also join us on our Discord where we organize most of our board game nights.

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