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The city of Arcadia has been quiet for some time. The Guilds of Heroes have grown restless and desire to return to their Quest. Monster after monster are entering the town square. What is Arcadia to do? Grab your swords and strap on your armor, as dmNorthTV returns to the tabletop world of Arcadia Quest!

We continue our gameplay of the Arcadia Quest board game with scenario 3 of the Bedtime Again Campaign from CMON. “No Such Thing As Too Late” is the next chapter in the Bedtime Again campaign, and is playable with Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno! This addition to the tabletop is meant to be played as part of a larger campaign, but can certainly be played in episodic mode of Arcadia Quest. We are continuing through our playthrough using the base game of Arcadia Quest… with a few bonus heroes sprinkled in for good measure.

The board game crew of dmNorthTV returns to live stream their board game night live on Twitch. Arcadia Quest is a 2 to 4 player board game, where you play as a guild of heroes attempting to finish a set of quests. Tonight, we need to make our way to the city center of Arcadia to rescue our Guild Noble’s before they are transformed into vampires and we are forced to… well… not rescue them.

In this video, we continue a playthrough of a 2 player session of the Bedtime Again Campaign for the Arcadia Quest board game live on our Twitch stream. Can we follow the rules somewhat properly this time? How much bloodshed will there be from the hacking and slashing? Which guild will emerge victorious?

Tune in to see how this tabletop cooperative board game translates to the online world of Twitch live streaming. While you are checking out our YouTube video, consider giving it a like and subscribe to the channel to see more of our board game gameplay content. Maybe drop a comment down below to let us know what you thought?

Arcadia Quest is published by CMON and is designed by Thiago Aranha, Guilherme Goulart, Eric M. Lang, and Fred Perret.

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