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It was Christmas Dice Masters week here – where everybody plays with Jourdo’s custom Christmas Dice Masters cards and tries to decide which ones are the most broken.

(Jourdo, we love you, but you can’t claim to have a great track record on producing balanced cards.)

What Did You Play?

I decided to stick entirely to the custom Chritmas cards this year. Last year I included the Overcrush Supergirl from WoL and Jimmy Olsen – Signal Watch on my team and it worked quite well. WoL Supergirl dice are red, Jimmy Olsen dice are green – it was Christmasy.

But most of the group had stuck exclusively to the special Christmas cards and I decided I’d be one of those fuddy-duddies this year. No promises for 2019, however.

The overly complicated plan was to get Buddy out, spin down a Christmas Elf to spin up Rudolph to trigger his Awaken, making a Team Santa character – preferably a buffed Mall Santa – unblockable.

Did it work? Hint: There’s a reason I described it as overly complicated.

Game 1:

This game went on for a very long time before either of us managed to damage the other. Somehow neither of us managed to put the more broken cards on our teams, (or weren’t smart enough to buy them). We gave each other Lumps of Coal, he got a Snowman out, I got a Santa Claus out. I figured out KOing his Snowman wasn’t a good idea, he figured out mass attacks pretty much ended up with me getting more Holiday Cheer tokens on my Santa Claus (buffing Santa’s D to ridiculous levels – Santa was errata’d to remove the D buff immediately after this round.)

We went to time without either of us having done any damage, but I had a larger field than he did. I was able to attack for about 3 damage, and since most of that damage was Infiltrating Christmas Elves, my field remained almost as large as it was before the attack. He was unable to find enough characters to do any damage on my turn, so I got the win.


Game 2:

Bye. Free win for me.


Game 3:

Yukon Cornelius and Jack Frost. Both of which are overpowered for their costs. Together they’re a nightmare. Cornelius calls out Sidekicks, getting bigger and bigger if he’s blocked (and you can only let him through so many times). Jack Frost affects character cards – he attacks on consecutive turns and you can’t block with anything but Sidekicks, unless you have dice for at least 7 different (non-SK) characters in your field.

You can try paying to remove the Stun tokens, but it costs you twice as much to remove them as it does for Jack Frost’s controller to place them, so it’s not going to work over the long term.

I gave my opponent a couple of early Lumps of Coal, which slowed him down a little bit, but he was eventually able to clear them. After that, he mowed me down in short order.



This was a Special Event Dice Masters Tournament with custom cards that had not been properly playtested. In essence, this was a playtesting session.

It was fun – in fact it was great fun, but none of us wil be using any of these cards for twelve months and the odds are that about 3 out of 4 cards (well character cards – the BACs are somewhat less problematic) will have significant tweaks in their abilities by the time I see them again. So their doesn’t seem to be much point in putting the team under the microsope.

Problematic cards or not, I had a lot of fun.

Thanks for reading, Happy Rolling and Merry Christmas.

Son of L

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