Dice Social for May

A Double Double ‘n Dice presents Dice Social – MAY

Date: Saturday May 29th @ 2pm Eastern

Format: Golden

Traffic Light: Green*
*Green events are designed to be super casual and fun for all.  It’s about bringing something fun, something new, and something that is probably not optimised for the format, and welcoming to new players.

Title: Flippity Flip

Theme: Every card on your team is a do it yourself FLIP CARD including BACs! You will have a card on one side and on the other side, a different card. The cards can be from any set but must be the same character and using the same stats/dice. If the dice limits are different, use the lower limit. For BACs, you must use four different cards (Titles)(e.g. you cant have two Investigation).

In Game: Each turn, you must flip over a card on your team. You cannot flip over the same card you have flipped on a previous turn until all cards have been flipped (you might want to have an indicator on hand so you don’t forget what you flipped). BACs will also be flipped each turn and can be any BAC not just yours. You will not reset your cards in your next game, it will remain as is when the game ended and follow the rules above.

Bans: Actual flip cards and cards that allow you to flip cards (e.g. Bat-Signal). You can still use the card but the ability/text to flip cards is blank.

Meet: DMN Room 9

This is a casual event with the emphasis on SOCIAL! Be creative with your teams. If you cant fit the theme, dont worry, bring what you like. Proxy cards and dice are welcome, just let your opponent(s) know.

Dice Social is a welcoming environment for all people. It's a safe, friendly, fun and relaxing place to be with the emphasis on Social. We ask that you be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone. 
You can review the online code of conduct here

Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair ‘cuz we are ready to roll.

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