Dice Social for August

A Double Double ‘n Dice presents Dice Social – August 2021

Date: Saturday August 28th @ 2pm EST

Format: Modern

Traffic Light: Green*
*Green events are designed to be super casual and fun for all.  It’s about bringing something fun, something new, and something that is probably not optimised for the format, and welcoming to new players.

Title: Orbital Baby

Theme: It’s Orbital Strike time! Your team must have Orbital Strike BAC and YOU MUST WIN by using Orbital Strike. Your other BAC and team can be any build BUT wait there is more! Any card you put on the team (not including the BACs) are considered to be blank except for the global on the cards.


Meet: DMN Room 9

This is a casual event with the emphasis on SOCIAL! Be creative with your teams. If you cant fit the theme, dont worry, bring what you like. Proxy cards and dice are welcome, just let your opponent(s) know.

Dice Social is a welcoming environment for all people. It's a safe, friendly, fun and relaxing place to be with the emphasis on Social. We ask that you be polite, courteous and respectful to everyone. 
You can review the online code of conduct here

Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair ‘cuz we are ready to roll.

One Reply to “Dice Social for August”

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I listened to your Big Barda podcast. Nice dive into her comic book background. She was/is a character ahead of her time. She also was the Captain or Leader of Darkseid’s Female Furies. In the last Mister Miracle run, one of the funniest consecutive panels I’ve seen was Scott & Barda battling henchmen, all the while having a conflicting discussion on remodeling the house, really funny. The old Scott Free and Orion story is also interesting. They were traded to keep peace in the universe. Orion is Darseid’s son and Scott the son of the High Father. And I’ll stop.

    About the Dice Masters Big Barda cards. If I were building around her, using a limited and a loosely based ‘New Gods’ team, I came up with 4 cards. And I’ll use her Uncommon for a challenge ( yes, the 1st choice is her Rare ). My other 3 cards,
    Orion, Rare
    Mister Miracle, Super Rare
    Infinity Guantlet’s Spider-Man, Super Rare, with the text that reads,
    “Spider-Man’s card is considered to have the affiliations of all the character cards on your team.”

    Now it’s just a question of adding the right BACs. And Action Cards to fill out or play those 4 ‘New Gods’, remember, Spider-Man is now a ‘NG’ ( unless text blanked ☹️ ).

    You asked for DM Female character cards I would like to hear mentioned.
    My choices,
    Marvel (2), Angela – 9 cards & Magik – 6 cards
    DC (3), Zatanna – 10 cards, Supergirl – 11 cards, & Black Canary – 9 cards
    D&D (1), Halfling Thief – 5 cards ( shenanigans! )
    Turtles (1), Renet Tilley – 3 cards
    Something you can sort through or help to build an all female team. Anyway thank you for helping keep the interest and brewing going. I’m like Kim and want more DC Cards. ( I have my Kryptonite draft packs pre-ordered ). The wait is killing me. Isn’t that what late Tom Petty said?!


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