Custom Playmat Online Editor

Welcome to our Playmat Template Online Editor. We have tried to make things easier by creating a direct link to an online image editor (Photopea) for each Template.  All of the templates are 24.5″ x 14.5″ at 150 dpi (which is what Inked Gaming recommends for printing).  If you require a higher resolution, that can be changed within the image editor, but will also increase the file size significantly.

Thank you to all of the great designers who have allowed us to include their work in this tool.

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Choose from the following Templates:

Wide Lifetrack (Bodor)
Ultrawide No Life (Bodor)
Classic Design
5×5 Wide (Lonni)
Field Lifetrack (Bodor)
Field D20’s (Bodor)
Attack Horns D20’s (Bodor)
Attack Full (Bodor)