Community Spotlight: Teen Titans

We are back with another Community Spotlight.  This time, we are taking a trip back in time to the original Teen Titans cartoon.  This custom set is brought to you by Dascottman33, who graciously allowed us to share their creations with you.  Below, you will find their own description of their project.  We hope you enjoy it.

Take it away Dascottman33!

Something that I’ve always enjoyed doing for games I love is to try and design my own cards, mechanics, characters, etc. Not only does this allow me to add things that are likely never to make it into the game, but it is a fun challenge to try to make cards that are powerful but not broken, thematic but not useless, or trying to introduce new mechanics to the game. I’ve been making custom cards for Dice Masters, but have never actually released anything online until now. Teen Titans 2003 is a show I love, and the first set of custom cards I ever designed. The reason I initially did it was because at the time Robin and Cyborg did not have titan affiliated cards, and once I got started I figured I might as well do the rest.

I’ve attempted many other sets since such as the Fantastic 4, the Infinity Stones for a Gaming with Sidekicks contest, Capcom, and a Super Smash Bros set. But I either never finished those or found flaws that I would go back and fix now.

Side Note:  I remember that Gaming with Sidekicks contest and don’t recall ever seeing the entries and eventual winner.  I was looking forward to seeing what people came up with for the Infinity Stones. -jourdo

I spent a lot more time on this one as the old card generator is gone. I looked for other ways to make custom cards and the resources on DM North were very helpful. I used an older Photoshop release but the current Custom Card works very similar from what I’ve tried of it. While not as easy to use as the old generator, you get the hang of it quickly and I think the resulting cards you can make with it look much better since you have way more options and even an alternate look you can go with that looks pretty good.

As for the set itself, This is a complete rework of my original Teen Titans 2003 custom set but has been increased from 6 characters I originally did to a full campaign box worth of cards plus an OP Kit. I re-watched every episode of the show to try and make the cards thematic and fit the characters. These cards vary from reprints of classic cards, new ideas, or theme focused. Some that I particularly enjoyed designing were the use of the flip mechanic to try in work in the werewolf mechanic from Magic with some of the Beast Boy cards, Titans Tower as it is my attempt to revisit the concept of Heroic but better, a Red X that introduces trap tokens, the promo cards as they are thematic and reference two great episodes, and a Mad Mod That prevents blanking cards that is both thematic to the character forcing the titans to pay attention to his hypnosis machines and a reference to how Chris of the Ministry of Dice (MOD get it?) hates Shriek. For the titans I wanted the focus keywords to be Range and Retaliation. Range to they can charge in with coordinated strikes and to theme with the ranged attacks they would use, and Retaliation because of how close they are as a team and to give the keyword another chance in its normal, non-Black Manta form.

I should point out that this set is what I would consider a beta test. There are two team packs planned that won’t yet be included. One focused around the Hive and other villains that will introduce a new Keyword and affiliation, and a Titans East pack to bump up the number of Titans and introduce some characters who will likely never make it into the game. My friend who gave me a lot of feedback on my set is working on those which will be released when he has the time to get back to it and finish them. I also would like to hear any feedback on the cards regarding balance and other things like that. Any ideas on how to make the set more fun, cards that need buffs or nerfs would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, I hope that people enjoy the set and maybe get inspired to make their own!

Here you will find a gallery of the cards that Dascottman33 created.  Feel free to check them out below.  These are not to be printed or distributed for sale.  They are for personal entertainment purposes only.

Basic Actions

Campaign Box

Promo Cards

I hope you enjoyed this little Community Spotlight.  Give some love to Dascottman33 for taking the time to share all of this with us.  What do you think of these?  Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have some creations that you want to share with the Community?  Get in touch with us via any of the social medias, or hit us up by email.  We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

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  1. Quick Edit: Apparently an older version of Titans Towers made it into the original gallery. That has been corrected.

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