Community Spotlight: Dragonball Z

Happy New Year Dice Masters!

I’ve decided to star 2021 off with a bang by putting the spotlight on the Community (hence the fance name).  This was a project created by Jake Hutt.  He dove into out Custom Card Template Online Editor and punched out set based on Dragon Ball Z.  He gave us permission to share his creations here, and I asked him to share his experiences with the online editor.

Below, you will find Jake’s take in his own words as well as a look at the custom cards that he made with the tool.

Take it away Jake!

When I found the custom template, I was a bit overwhelmed knowing it had countless tools to make custom cards a reality. However, I was extremely excited to get started. After seeing a handful of other make attempts with custom cards it gave me confidence that I could accomplish the task. Once I began playing around with it I started to get more and more comfortable with the small amount of tools I needed to make the cards live up to the basic standards I set for my creations.

As for suggestions to make the tool more user friendly. I would try and find a way to save the cards in a way that one could go back and edit each layer. I had a few cards I messed up, but it was too late to make adjustments without starting all over.

jourdo interruption here:  The save functionality was intentionally removed from this tool to keep the Photoshop template somewhat under wraps.  This was an unofficial suggestion from a higher power.  😉

For someone just starting out I would warn them that it can be very addicting when you into the flow of things. I started with a goal of finishing roughly 40 cards to make a small expansion set and now it has blossomed into well over 200+. I would also suggest creating a spreadsheet in Excel to help track your ideas and progress if you are making a custom set.

On that note, here is the link to Jake’s spreadsheet he used to make this set.  You will need to take a look at it to match the dice to the cards.

When I was creating the abilities for the cards I wanted I tried to keep things a thematic as possible. Luckily DBZ and Dice masters have similar abilities that fit the characters well. I also tried to make sure I had cards that made the set playable such as having control cards as well as cards that helped you prep dice etc. The hardest part was trying to create win conditions that weren’t overpowered. I do copy a few current abilities from Dice Masters cards that are very useful, but not ones that are must haves like Shrieks blanking ability. I did however put a spin on abilities like that to allow players work arounds to difficult abilities like hers.

I chose Jourdo’s template because it was a unique twist on the current format. Also, with the black background for the affiliations it made it easier for me to insert a simple version I used.

Here you will find a gallery of the cards that Jake created with our tool.  Feel free to check them out below.  These are not to be printed or distributed for sale.  They are for personal entertainment purposes only.

Basic Actions

Base Set

BUU Expansion

Frieza Force Expansion

Movie Expansion

Red Ribbon Expansion

Promo Cards

I hope you enjoyed this little Community Spotlight.  Give some love to Jake for taking the time to share all of this with us.  What do you think of these?  Let us know in the comments below!

Do you have some creations that you want to share with the Community?  Get in touch with us via any of the social medias, or hit us up by email.  We would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

3 Replies to “Community Spotlight: Dragonball Z

  1. This is really cool I’ve wanted a dbz set for a while I will have to try it out. I’ve also been working on a custom dice masters set using the photoshop template based on the Teen Titans ’03 cartoon with my friend in the campaign box with team packs style and I plan on sharing it here when it is done.

    1. That’s awesome! I would love to see that. I had some thoughts to put something together with Teen Titans Go, but it never happened. Maybe it is time to dust that one off?

      1. Sure go for it! Go is not my thing personally but there is a lot of potential there to do an unglued style set with how wacky that show is.

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