Christmas Colors – Red and Green

This week was the Calgary crew’s last event

a) before Christmas

b) of 2019


c) before a moderately lengthy hiatus, as what would have been our regular playing night happens to fall on the Christmas and New Year’s Day holidays.

It was unlimited Golden Age constructed, although attendees were welcome to use cards and dice from Jourdo’s advance copy of the Waterdeep box and associated team packs.  (Well, except Yawning Portal, because it’s gross).

I decided to go with a Christmas theme, and limit myself to dice with only Red and Green background colors.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Christmas Red Green 2019.

I started with a combo I’ve used previously with some success:  Supergirl: Angry Alien and Jimmy Olsen.  Get Jimmy active and Supergirl effectively becomes a free to field 4-cost with Overcrush and an A of 5-7-8.  Not too shabby.


Next came common Mimic for ramp.  Which was a little tricky, because of my self-imposed color restriction.  Normally, you want to pair Mimic with a sidekick fielding global such as the Rare Professor X from XFC.  However none of the globals in question came on character cards with red or green dice.  So I turned to basic actions that would help me field Sidekicks.

Specifically, Instant War and Reinforcements.  The former is probably a little more reliable in that regard, but if I can get the latter to work, I won’t be fielding Sidekicks for my opponent as well.



If I was going to be putting a whole bunch of Sidekicks in my field, I figured why not make them a threat and add some Sidekick buffers.  So on to the team went Goblin-Lord, Calliope and Gnome Ranger.


To round out the team, I added the promo Poison Ivy and Mary Marvel: Empowered by the Gods.  I wanted an Ivy on the team (even if I didn’t think Swamp Thing: Dr. Alec Holland was close enough to count for ‘Holly’) and the promo has an interesting ability, and if the plant tokens are paired with Gnome Ranger, can still do some combat damage.  As for Mary, she can potentially turn a 7 or 8 A Supergirl into a 14 or 16 A Supergirl.  With Overcrush, yet.

So, how did it all work out?

Game 1:

Up against a Green Lantern: Fearless and action dice team I’d played the week before.  (I haven’t posted the article on that week’s team as yet.)

I bought a Jimmy die early, and when it landed on double fist the first turn I pulled it I bought the other.  I missed rolling the character face on my first four pulls of Jimmy Olsen dice and ended up buying a Supergirl die at full price.

I did get a Mimic fielded, and bought a Green Goblin.  He bought a GL and lots of Bat-Signals and Xavier’s Schools.  He eventually used one of the Xavier’s Schools to load his Used Pile with action dice and attacked with GL, dealing me 7 damage, plus another 6 when I let him through.

He had a thin field, and I was hoping to wear him down to 0 before he could re-draw his GL.  I attacked with Mimic so he could copy Supergirl’s stats when I refielded him.

On what turned out to be my final turn, I missed rolling a character face on a Calliope die, then attacked with everything and did 13 damage taking him down to 1.  On his next turn he pulled his GL.  Field GL, use a Xavier’s School to load up his Used Pile with action die, attack and pay mask, game over.

This was a frustrating one.  If my only Supergirl die hadn’t come out on Level 1.  If Calliope had rolled on that last turn.  So many ways I might have been able to get that 1 more point of damage I’d needed, if the dice had only co-operated.


Game 2:

Half-Orc Barbarians and lots of gear.  Cleave is apparently the new hot keyword around here.

Disastrous turn 1 roll for me.  After re-roll, two Sidekicks, one mask and one bolt.  No fist, so I can’t buy Jimmy, and not enough energy to buy Mimic (or anything else).  Fortunately my opponent wasn’t rolling much better.  I got Goblin-Lord out and started attacking with buffed Sidekicks.  Since he’d bought a Green Devil Mask, keeping them in the field was just inviting them to be sent to the Used Pile.  I got him down to 7 life before he was able to establish a respectable wall.

Things slowed down for a while.  I had a Supergirl out, but he had bought a Holy Avenger die and managed to use it to neutralize her Overcrush.

He hit me with some Holy Avenger equipped Kuo-Toas (unblockable due to Obscure), but then he used three action dice after I got Poison Ivy active, giving me three Plant tokens.

That gave me the edge in numbers I needed to get him down to 0.


Game 3:

This was against our visitor from Edmonton, who borrowed a bunch of Jourdo’s new toys.  The biggest problem for me was him Manshoon, which dealt all my characters one damage when he used a basic action.

Between seeing that he was also running Holy Avenger as one of his BACs, and my abysmal luck with it in the first two rounds, I opted to put the Supergirl Jimmy Olsen combo on the back burner.  I did end up buying one of each over the course of the game, but Supergirl wasn’t the primary weapon.

I bought Mimic, Green Goblin, and Gnome Ranger earlier.  Then I bought a Reinforcements and a couple of Shocking Grasp dice, the latter to limit his access to a supply of cheap basic action dice to trigger Manshoon.

Manshoon was about the only character he was able to keep in the field, as everything else kept having to block and getting KO’d.

Mimic provided some decent ramp.  There were a couple of occasions this game where I landed Reinforcements when there were only Sidekick dice left in my bag, so I was able to use it to good effect.*

So I was able to field plenty of Sidekicks, which were buffed by Green Goblin and Gnome Ranger (and eventually near the end of the game by Calliope).  My regular attacks were doing damage to wear him down, and keeping his field lean, as many of his blockers would be KO’d.  Eventually I ran him out of life.


*As far as fielding Sidekicks was concerned.  Getting ramp from this using Mimic’s ability was another story.  More on that in post-mortem.


This was a terrible night for the Jimmy Olsen Supergirl combo.  Between running into two opponents who were running Holy Avenger, and some rather poor luck with dice rolls on both characters it was awful.  I’m pretty sure it was an aberration, however.  I’ve used the combo to good effect on previous occasions.

Reinforcements is an interesting BAC.  I’d never used it, or seen it used, before this event, but I found it usable, if not dependable.  You need to pay attention to your bag management to get much out of it, but it can be made to work.  Pairing it with MImic is something of an awkward marriage – using Reinforcements often means you’ll have nothing to Prep with Mimic’s ability as your bag and Used Pile will be empty.  Still, sometimes it allows you to prep one mid to high cost character die instead of several random dice.

I got some decent use out of Poison Ivy.  If your opponent is running an action heavy team you can get a lot of tokens in a hurry.  Those can be sacrificed for the 2 damage, be used as chump blockers, and even be a threat in the attack step if they can be buffed by Gnome Ranger or something similar.

Would I run this team again?  Well, If I’m not restricting myself to the red green colors I’d probably add a sidekick fielding global (most likely in place of Mary Marvel) and change the BACs.  With those qualifications, yes I would run it again.

I will have one post to go up over the holiday hiatus – the delayed post from the week before this one.  (I wanted to put up the post on the Red Green Christmas themed team up before the actual holiday.)

Thanks for reading, Merry Christmas and Happy Rolling!

Son of L


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