Chaos Draft III: The Return of the Store Draft

Basically, tonight came about because we were all itching to draft.  One of the other players had bought some Green Arrow/Flash Feeds when they were being cleared out of another store.  I had stashed away a couple Feeds of Thor and a Display of TOA.  We’ve done it before, so we did it again.  Mash all 3 of these together and see what you get.  The rules were that you had to have at least two cards from each set on your Team (not counting BAC’s).  On the BAC front, we passed one of the two that we got from the pack to the person on our left, so we were not “stuck” with what we started with.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Chaos Draft Team III.

TOA was first, and I didn’t really see any amazing win-cons come past me.  I grabbed Tabaxi because he was at least a form of ramp, and maybe burn if things went that way.  The second slot was really open and I debated on the Dragon Statue Trap for defence, or Tomb Guardian for some additional ramp options.  I finally settled on Goliath Fighter as the other sets gave me some better options to use with him.

Thor was next and Hulk was there and an easy first pick.  Then Malekith fell into my lap.  Wrecker was next.  Blackheart fit the build as well, so he was the final add.  Some very decent options here, but no easy ramp options to get to Hulk so far.

Green Arrow/Flash was the final set to be drafted.  Static was the stand out winner here and would pair with the Thor cards.  STAR Labs was put on the Team for the Global as it was my only other source of ramp and would pair well with Malekith.  Nothing else was a real stand out, although I did draft a Hal Jordan to defend against those unblockable characters.  He didn’t make the cut though as the other pieces were more critical.

Not the worst Chaos Team that I have ever seen.  There is definitely some synergy here, but some better ramp/churn options would have been nice.  As seems to be the case for me lately, I will have to depend on what other people bring for me to use.  Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:



Game 2:

Common Yuan-Ti was the big hitter here.  I rushed to Wrecker and Malekith and swung constantly with my 3/3 Sidekicks.  I could not get STAR Labs to line up for me more than once all game, which was frustrating.  However, Yuan-Ti proved that much faster than me.  I never had a chance at Hulk and moved too late at getting Static in the field.


Game 3:

This Team had the unholy Trinity of Uncommon Grodd, Common Mr. Fixit and Magic Missile.  To make it worse, he had the Tabaxi Rogue that allowed him to prep dice when I fielded Sidekicks (which was central to my Team).  Maybe I could hit hard and fast before the monkey hit the field.  I finally had a chance to buy a Hulk this game and got her out in the late game.  I managed to get him down to 2 before he managed to get Grodd, Fixit and a bunch of bolts all lined up.  There was nothing I could do to stop the pain.



I realized afterwards that I had a major brainfart in that last game.  If I had used one of Static’s pings on my own character, I would have won instead.  I think I was too focused on getting my Malekith’ed Sidekicks through, that I forgot that one little interaction… and it cost me big time.  The moral of that story is don’t get tunnel vision when you are playing.  Definitely did not have my “A” game tonight.

This was a mish-mash Team, but not a bad one.  As far as Drafts go, I was happy with it.  I would have liked to play at least one more game with it, but the evening ran long (as Drafts tend to do) and there was not time to fit it in.

Draft is still a really fun format, and there is no better feeling of opening up that pack and being excited to see what you got.  It is extremely disappointing that this format will not be getting “official” support from Wizkids going forward.  The Dice Masters Community is doing its best to keep this it going though (through Trubie’s Draft Pack Generator), and at least we have that.

Not the most exciting write up or Team Build, but thanks for reading none the less.

P.S.  Our Summer TOTM submission deadline is approaching.  Take a look here to refresh your memory and get your Teams in.  We’re really looking forward to seeing if the Adventurers or Monsters reign supreme.

– jourdo

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