Breaking news! New DC Justice Info Revealed!

Breaking news, everyone! Wizkids has now updated their website with additional information on the upcoming DC Justice set and its associated team packs.

Before going further, I wish to credit our commenter Magneto, who posted comments discussing this new information in response to my spoiler analysis article. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, even if indirectly.

You can find the information for the Campaign Box and Team Packs here:

Obviously though, I wouldn’t be writing an article if that’s all that I said. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of useful pieces of information that I want to bring to your attention. And most come from this image:

First, let’s get the bad news out of the way: we are getting less than 3 dice per character for almost every character. Several characters are also getting only two cards. If you read my spoiler analysis, this should be entirely predictable.

What I did not expect is that some characters, namely Brainiac, Bizarro, the Hall of Doom, and another one (which looks like the Watchtower? see below), only get 1 (!) die. The only one of these for whom we’ve seen a card (Brainiac) is a Max: 2, so hopefully that will also reflect the other characters in this situation. Nevertheless, I recommend to everyone: pay attention to the spoilers when they’re revealed, and be prepared to consider getting a second campaign box.

However, it’s not all bad news. First, I want to point out that we are getting, and this is not a typo, 24 different characters and non-basic actions. This is an increase of 50% compared to the usual distribution of 16 characters. More characters means more strategic flexibility (in that there are less cards you can’t play together), and in this case, it also means more sweet, sweet Alex Ross art.

Next up on the good news pile: if you look at the image of the campaign box contents, we’re getting black sidekick and BAC dice in this set! Awesome news for sure, as I thought we were only getting those in X-men Forever.

And finally, we now have images of the full roster. Including three that had not been confirmed: one is the Hall of Doom (previously speculated upon), which now seems confirmed. The other two are trickier. One, at the left of the second row, seems to be a character we didn’t see yet, but I can’t make out who it is. The other, at the middle of the second row from the bottom, looks like a non-basic action. I’m speculating it’s the Watchtower, but I say so with extreme caution. I’ll check my copy of Justice later to see if I recognize the art.

While that’s all that I can glean from the spoilers for the Campaign Box, let’s not forget the team packs! Wizkids’ pages for the two of those now reveals the actual packaging, and reveals the following:

-Black Canary (per the reused die) and Negative Man (top card) will be in the Doom Patrol team pack

-Freddie Freeman will be in the Mystics team pack (per the card)

And there you have it folks! With the set releasing next month, hopefully we get the full spoilers soon. In the meantime, keep on rolling!

Late Night Edit: jourdo here…. I just wanted to throw up a little report card from ccm’s previous analysis from the Justice Spoilers. From the photo below, you can see what was previously spoiled, what was speculated upon, and what is new.

It looks like he pretty much nailed this set. The unknown action die that he referenced in his article looks to be the Hall of Doom. The other new die is absolutely The Watchtower.

The other interesting note here is Global Abilities. I am only seeing 2 obvious ones (Poison Ivy and Bizarro). There MAY be one on Parasite, but it is difficult to see with this photo. Hopefully there are some more, but this is looking a little on the Global-lite side of things.

3 Replies to “Breaking news! New DC Justice Info Revealed!

  1. We should have really expected a Green Arrow in the pack with Black Canary, especially since he was conspicuous by his absence in the Justice box.

    The Yellow Lantern Ring is unexpected though. And mildly disappointing when there’s a wealth of other options it could have been to fit the loose theme.

    i wonder, on the whole, how much is new vs old. Of course, old characters with new abilities is nice…but I’d like to see new characters with new abilities that little bit more.

    1. 50% of Doom Patrol pack is new, 62.5% of Mystics is new, but just 20.8% of the Justice box is new.

      On the whole, exactly 35% is ‘new’. We’ve got Parasite, Toyman, Metallo, Hall of Doom and the Watchtower. Phantom Stranger, Freddy Freeman, Mary Marvel, Atlantis, Yellow Lantern Ring. Plasticman, Robotman, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl.

      For those of you who like stats.

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