Big Foot

This Team was born out of an accidental rediscovery.  I was browsing through the old Reserve Pool Forums to find the Team I ran for our “No A’s Allowed” night, in order to share it for the upcoming TOTM competition.  While searching, I came across this build from early 2017.  I remembered having some fun with it, but figured it could stand to have some newer tools inserted to make it run better.  Wong and the Potion were the pieces I wanted to focus on from the original build.


What Did You Play?

The Team:  Big Foot.

Taking a look at this build and wanting to modernize it, the very first card that sprung to mind was Insect Plague.  It seems like a no brainer to add in a Global that makes Wong unblockable and hopefully hopped up on Potions to make him bigger.  I decided to double down on the Sidekick damage and added in Foot Ninja.  He will get buffed by all the other Sidekicks and maybe feed him a Potion or two to make it worse.  So, now I have a couple win conditions to pick from.  Now to add in the accessories.

I kept Beholder from the previous build mainly for the Global.  If the Potion and Mask energy did not line up properly, I could store the Potion for use next turn.  The character ability was secondary.  Thor was added for the Thousand Island Global in order to get my Potions at a bit of a discount.  To keep with the Global theme, I put in Cake to help with cycling my bag.

The final pieces were a little bit of control and consistency… along with some local counters.  Billy Club served as removal and also helped guarantee that Mask I would need to get my stuff through.

Constantine was put in place because Wonder Ring was around last week and I was not going to deal with that again.  Ronin was a contingency plan.  In case I was having trouble setting up or there was something that was going to hit me annoyingly, he would help protect me.

So, the build was set.  Let’s see if Wong or the Foot were the more effective hammer.

Game 1:

This game was against SR Darkseid/Parademon burn.  He brought PXG and Resurrection for additional ramp.  With those tools at my disposal, my Team flew.  I was easily getting Foot Ninja across for 6+ damage early and cycling with PXG to get them right back out.  It was over before Darkseid hit the Field (although he did miss rolling him initially)


Game 2:

Green Devil Mask and the old AOU Wasp were the biggest thorns in my side on this Team.  At least PXG was still there, but would be trickier to use with Wasp on the Field.  Change of plan.  I went for Constantine and Ronin early while setting up with Wong.  I figured Foot Ninja would not be as useful here once GDM hit.  I used Constantine to force GDM to reroll every turn, and it came back every turn.  I was using Ronin to mitigate some of the Wasp damage when I went to use PXG.  Wong managed to hit a few times for some decent damage.  On what turned out to be my final turn, I whiffed rolling any character and had an open Field.  If Wong had rolled that turn, I could have won as the Potion was primed.  Instead, I watched as Blue Eyes stomped my face.


Game 3:

This one was against a Thunderbolts Team that was set up for some decent damage.  I will leave out the details as I think it might be the subject of a future article.  No PXG help this time though, so I would have to depend on what I brought.  I decided to grab Create Food and Water early as my ramp engine.  Since I was not worried about Fielding things in this game, I went for bot Wong and the Foot.  I was able to swing with drunken Feet and Wongs for more than enough damage.  It went that much faster than my opponent’s Team, although he was set up for some heavy damage and probably would have had lethal if the game had gone any longer.



This was a fun Team back in 2017 and even more fun now.  Insect Plague brings this build to another level.  I am not sure why I did not use Foot Ninja in the original build, but he was amazing in this one.  I might consider subbing out Ronin or Constantine for the new PXG in another version of this, but they served their purpose tonight.

It was fun to revisit an old build and seeing what new tools could be added to it.  Overall it was a Team I would (and did) revisit again.

Have you looked back on an older build you enjoyed playing and decided to give it some modern tweaks?  Share with us in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

As a reminder, the September TOTM is running on September 22, 2018.  Bring a fun Team, but remember… No A’s allowed!  Check out the original article here.  Hope to see you there!

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