Best of 2018 New Years Day Tournament

Troy, from Dice Coalition fame, put together a “Best of 2018” Online Tournament that took place on New Year’s Day.  It was going to be a 4 to 5 round Swiss Tournament where you brought your “Best” Team to play against others.  It was open to anyone who wanted to join in.

I knew that January 1st was not going to be a heavily scheduled day, so I decided to throw my hat into the ring and roll some dice with other Community members.

Below is a list of what people played and a link to the WIN results for those interested.  I have also included links to the videos of my matches.  As others pop-up online, I will try and update this accordingly.

It was a super fun way to spend the (very) early part of 2019.  Thank you again to Troy for hosting this event.

The Teams

9 players braved the hangovers and the early morning (for some), and showed up for this event.  All had some really interesting Teams.  What surprised me the most was how much Instant War was out there.  Below are Team links to everyone who participated.

Ben S.:  SR Yuan-Ti.

Michaela K.:  VD/Staff – That sounds worse than I meant it to, but I am not editing it out.

Zack P.:  Surtur/Range.

Dan L.:  Boom Boom/Collector.

Michael I.:  Jubilee/Batman/Sidekick Shenanigans… with Range.

Jo V.:  Tabaxi/Instant War.

Jeff M.:  Mr. Fixit.

Matt J.:  Tabaxi/Instant War.

Troy M:  VD mixed with lots of nasty stuff… no more VD jokes after this.

If you are a fan of the WIN System, you can read through the results here.  If not, you can check out some videos below.  Again, if more become available, I will update the article as necessary.

The Matches

Round 1:

My first Round match was against Zack, who I believe recorded things.  He had some rough rolls in the early game.

Round 2:

Mirror match!  This was super fun to play against… especially when we agreed to leave Scarlet Witch out of the game and just let it happen.  I feel terrible though that I messed up by grabbing too many dice on one turn.

Round 3:

I was up against Troy’s Mimic/Range Team.

Round 4:

Ben put a new spin on the SR Yuan-Ti Team.  This was probably the funniest game of Dice Masters that I have played.

Round 5:

The Collector is still a really good tool in the Game.

3 Replies to “Best of 2018 New Years Day Tournament

  1. It was a great Tournament indeed. I am glad i got my pants on to watch a game or two, and even get a game or two in as a bye.

  2. Played the exact Matt’s team for our first modern when Warhammer arrived and it was really good 🙂
    Really funny team ideas though!

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