Avengers Assemble!

With the event being held one day before the Avengers: Endgame premiere this was supposed to be a revisit and update of our Infinity War event.  However, probably due to printing errors on the custom cards involved most of the Infinity War aspect intended for part of the night became a non-factor.  The build restrictions of all characters used needing to be Avengers affiliated, and all actions (basic and otherwise) needing to be from Marvel sets did remain.  So the event became less “Infinity War” and more “Avengers Assemble!”

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Fury’s Endgame.

I figured I’d try a team based around these two cards:

and the Ant-Man stat flip global.  (Kal-L and Bizarro, not being Marvel characters, much less Avengers affiliated weren’t eligible for this week’s event.)

Put out 2 other Avengers characters and Nick Fury becomes unblockable.  Use the Take Cover action on burst or double burst and the Ant-Man global this becomes 7-8-10 unblockable damage.  And if I have a spare shield or two, I can use the global on Take Cover to buff Fury’s D before I flip his stats.

First, I need some more Avengers characters.  I could buy Ant-Man but his character ability is rather blah.  I put in Black Widow:  The Widow’s Bite mostly for the 2-cost than the actual ability, which is a little awkward to combine with stat flipping.

I decided to try running

in the hopes that I’d be able to use it to thin out my bag a little bit.

Next came Falcon – Dive Bomber for his Intimidate ability, which would provide a limited form of removal.

I decided to round out things (character wise) with

Capturing all your opponents Sidekicks can be very powerful in the right situation.  He’s also got some decent D at Levels 2 and 3, so if I attack with him and I have a spare fist, he’s a threat my opponent will need to honour.

I added

for a few reasons.  First, it provides ramp on the burst and double burst faces.  It can potentially be helpful for the fielding costs for Cap, Falcon and Loki.  Finally, if I want to use Cap’s ability I need to be using action dice.

So I also included the common Vibranium Shield from Civil War.  As a 2-cost, part of the reason was to provide fuel for the Take Cover global, but that doesn’t mean it won’t trigger Cap’s ability to put it in the field.

I decided on With Great Power for my second BAC.  Having a means of spinning your characters up is seldom a bad thing.

Game 1:

Captain America: Chemistry Project combined with the Avengers ID Card that gives Avengers +2A/+2D.

I got a couple of Nick Fury dice into circulation, and enough other Avengers to make him unblockable, but I waited too long to buy any Take Cover dice and my Nick Fury dice kept coming out on Level 1.

He got his Cap out, and since he was drawing and landing at least one ID card each turn it took about two turns after that.


Game 2:

Another team centered around a Captain America.  This time it was the one from the AvX starter that gives his Sidekicks +1A/+1D.  He also had Modern PXG and Insect Plague as one of his BACs.

On my third turn I used a mask for the insect plague global, a shield for the take cover global, a fist for the Ant-Man global, and the Take Cover action to hit him for 7.

And then he used PXG to rapidly build a wall of Sidekicks.  He’d bought an Insect Plague die and tried to use it to help him with that, but he never seemed to have more than one die in his bag when he drew it.

My dice never really lined up for me after that third turn, and my opponent quickly got me down to 0.


Game 3:

This was against our resident youngster.  This was mostly Justice League characters, although most of them were from older sets.

She was running Excessive Force as one of her BACs.  She bought one of them early, and used it to good effect throughout the game.  If you need your memory refreshed, that allows the used to deal 6 damage to a target character.  The one character on my roster that could potentially survive that didn’t roll on a high enough level to make that happen the one time I managed to field him.

When she wasn’t using Excessive Force to KO my higher D characters she was using the Green Arrow that deals double it’s level in damage to a target character die when (Green Arrow) is fielded.  It came out on Level 3, of course.

She kept attacking, and I usually had nothing left to block with but Sidekicks.  I was getting some damage in, but she was wearing me down also.

And then, with us both at 7-8 life, came the turn where even though I was rolling something like 9 dice from everything that had been KO’d after her latest attack, I didn’t get any character faces, not so much as one measly Sidekick.

She rampaged through my empty field on her next turn.



Well, that went about as well for me as the end of Infinity War went for the Avengers.

I’m not convinced the team is hopeless, but there certainly seems to be plenty of room for improvement.

If I ever revisit this team, I think I’ll start by taking out Vibranium Shield (which didn’t see any use on the night) and changing Black Widows from The Widow’s Bite to Stinger.  They’re the same purchase cost, but Stinger is shield energy as opposed to fist.  And I would include a 2 or 3 cost Wasp from Civil War.  That would be a mask energy type, so if I don’t get her on a character face I can hopefully use the mask with the Avengers ID global to turn a Sidekick into Avenger if I need one more to make Nick Fury unblockable.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

Son of L


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