Achievement League Round IV – Ladies’ Night

This team was built with the intention of satisfying some Achievement League challenges.  However, I’m not sure today is going to count as an Achievement League day since the Commisioner/President/Guy Who Runs the League but has never been given a formal Title wasn’t able to make it.  Still, it’s the team I had ready, so it’s the team I played.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Distaff Mutation

I decided to go for the “Create a team using only female characters” challenge this week.  Once I decided to do that, my next step was to look at the Character Challenge List to see if there was anyone there who might be useful.  Lo and behold:

Jubilee’s ability pairs nicely with Staff of the Forgotten One.  And Jessica Jones has decent A on Levels 2 and 3.

With those two on the team my next two adds were Rare Hawkgirl and the Mutation BAC (for its global).  That creates two potential methods of spinning up Jubilee to trigger her Awaken ability.

Next, I threw in Pepper Potts for ramp, and Crystal, to help increase the odds of getting Staff on an action face when I wanted it.

I grabbed the wrong Kitty Pryde card when I put the team together – I meant to use the Uncommon which has an Awaken ability which gives her +2/+2, but I actually grabbed the Common, whose ability is she’s unblockable when attacking alone.

Catwoman was really only on the team as a cheap source of masks to be used as fuel for the Mutation global.

For my other BAC, when I saw how many different affiliations I had on the team, I decided Team Up wasn’t a bad option.


Game 1:



Game 2:

This was against a team based around the new Ant-Man from the Justice Like Lightning team pack who becomes unblockable when he’s spun up.  He was also using Hawkgirl and Mutation.  He got two Ant-men out early and hit me for 5 each.  Then between my wiping his field with Staff a couple of times, and some unfavorable rolls and draws from his perspective – stuff like his only Ant-Man die being stuck on Level 3 because he didn’t have a mask to use the Mutation global or he didn’t have an active Hawkgirl die – I actually lasted long enough to whittle him down to 3 or 4 life.  But he eventually got his dice to cooperate long enough to send enough unblockable Ant-Men through to finish me off.


Game 3:

This was against a Guardians of the Galaxy team.  Nebula, Cosmo, Moondragon, Starhawk, Rocket Racoon.  Lots and lots of spin up and buffing abilities.  Once he got everything set up  it seemed like he was attacking with four characters every turn, all of which were on Level 3, had base stats of 5/5 or 6/6 and were buffed like crazy.  It seemed like neither of us could roll any character faces for the first four turns, but once he started, I couldn’t keep up with him.


Game 4:

This was a Chipmunk Hunk/Squirrel Girl team in the vein of my A Token Effort team.  I bought a couple of Jubilee dice early, as well as a Kitty Pryde.  I got my opponent down to 13 with separate attacks from a Jubilee and a Kitty Pryde.  Then with a Level 2 and Level 3 Jubilee, a Level 2 Hawkgirl and 3 Sidekicks in my field I had lethal, since my opponent’s didn’t have any characters with D higher than 2 in their Field Zone.

This game was something of a mismatch, because Jubilee’s Awaken ability proved excellent for culling the Squirrel and Chipmunk tokens.


Game 5:

It was a fairly informal/ad hoc day and we managed to get a 5th round in.  This team was about the Thanos – Reality Gem card from the Kree Invasion Team Pack.  He becomes 3 cheaper (min 1) when his owner returns a Villain die to his card.

We both bought one of his Big Entrance dice on our first turn.  On my second turn I got Big Entrance on the energy face and 3 fists, so I decided to buy Jessica Jones.  I tagged him for 8 with a buffed Jessica Jones.  He hit me for 12 with a couple of Thanos dice which I let through unblocked to keep them out of the field.  I managed to draw and roll Staff before he drew his second Thanos die, which gave me the win.



This team has definite room for improvement.

First, with Staff being Max 1, I could really use something to help me cycle it faster – maybe something like Scarlet Witch – Hex Bolts from the Doctor Strange team pack.

Other options I would think about – including a mask fixer (in place of Catwoman) and swapping out Team Up for Big Entrance.  I have several 2 costs on t,his team, and if I can buy two or three of them on Turn 2, that would be useful.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

-Son of L

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