Achievement League Round IV – Asgardians and Friends

As I’ve already reported on everything I’ve played since, here is a team I ran in the local Achievement League a couple of weeks ago.

What Did You Play?

Format:  Achievement League.  For details, see here.

The Team:  Unaffiliated Asgardians Plus

I decided to go with a team of Unaffiliated Characters on the week in question, to meet that challenge.  That made the first three slots on the team went to Warriors Three character.  I opted to go the plain vanilla route, where each gives the other two +2/+2.  I added Rare Sif due to her being one of the character card challenges.   Uncommon Odin gives all of my other characters +1/+1.  The OP Poison Ivy does not have any affiliation, and if I can get Odin out, Ivy’s plant tokens actually have an offensive capability.  Rip Hunter was included to allow me to cycle Sif more quickly.  S.W.O.R.D. Agent was there solely due to its low purchase cost.  BACs were Investigation for ramp, and Magic Missile to allow me to trigger Sif’s ability.

Game 1:

This was against an Awaken team.  I got a Sif die out and managed to send it through a couple of times.  Unfortunately, there were at least two turns where I didn’t because i didn’t roll any bolts or question marks to use for Magic Missile.

He bought a lot of other characters first, but he did eventually buy his Uncommon Doop.  It, repeated use of the Mutation global and one or two other spin up triggers such as Sabretooth allowed him to clear my field and come through for lethal.


Game 2:

This team was rare Knowhere with a bunch of crossover Super Rare characters, which pretty much steamrollered me.  I think my best option would have been to go to Poison Ivy early, which would have gained me a Plant token every time he used Knowhere, but the idea didn’t occur to me until it was much too late.


Unfortunately, there were only three of us there that week, so I only got two games in.


Let me start this section by reminding everyone that two  games is a ridiculously low sample size.

The way the challenge was worded I wasn’t entirely sure if non-basic actions were permissible in the build, so I didn’t include.  When I checked afterwards, it turned out they were.

This team would have benefitted greatly from access to a bolt fixer, so I would include R Mjolnir.

Sif and the Magic Missile global is a pretty good combination, especially in conjunction with Rip Hunter – once you get it out.  The downside is Sif is a 6-cost.  Some kind of discount, such as either of the Ring of Winter or Blue Eyes White Dragon globals would have been useful.  I would also consider replacing Rip Hunter with common Cosmic Cube.  While the specifics are slightly different, it provides the same ‘cycle dice faster’ ability as is a bolt energy type.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

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