Thanks for finding your way to our little corner of the internet.  We are glad you made it!

We are . . .

A group of people from various parts of the Great White North (aka Canada), who love the game Dice Masters, and want to share our thoughts, ideas and teams with you.


Without jourdo, we wouldn’t be here, as he is our founder, our fearless leader, and the owner of our domain name. 

When The Reserve Pool forums were shut down, his outlet for sharing his team builds was lost, and this blog, along with our Facebook, our Twitter, and our YouTube channel, were born.

A tinkerer at heart, he likes to build teams, design Dice Masters accessories, and create logos for our ever-expanding series of articles and other content.


Our resident spoiler expert, he likes to keep on top of all Dice Masters news. Look out for his “Breaking News” articles for updates in the great world of Dice Masters!

A busy father of four from the Eastern-ish part of our Great Nation, he doesn’t get to play as much as he’d like. However, he loves to brew new teams. As a result, he rarely runs the same team twice. 

He’s never afraid to experiment with weird combos, even at the highest levels of competition. Whether it be Bat-Family, Beholder+Bifrost, or even Vicious Raccoons, he’s always happiest when he marches to the beat of his own drum.

Recently, he snatched the 2019 Canadian DM Championship from UK interloper Ben Said Scott, and was first runner up in the 2019 DM Worlds Championship in Memphis.

Son of L

Owner of our Rules School feature and master of Golden team brewing, Son of L is a regular at jourdo’s weekly game out in the Wild West of Alberta.


An Optician by day and Dice Masters player by night (and weekend) in the suburbs of Toronto, she uses her sharp vision to pull hidden gems of cards Out of the Shadows and share them with you.  She’s also one-half of the A Double Double ‘n Dice podcast crew.

Her other hobbies include board games, reading, crocheting, sewing, and spoiling her new nephew and new niece, just to name a few. Check out her Etsy store JoceStitch for cool dice bags. #shamelessselfpromotion.

She’d also like to remind you all to get your eyes tested regularly.


Debuting online in 2017, Reg is known in the Dice Masters community with his Deadpool persona, and through his opinions and actions can easily stand out from the crowd. 

Reg is passionate about Dice Masters, especially fast games with combat damage (table flipping and drinking are optional but encouraged), teaching new players the game online, and thinking outside the 4th wall when it comes to team building. He focuses on creating online content for the community, from Do-It-Yourself DM Crafts to new tournament ideas.

In the real world, he’s married, a father of one, from the Toronto area, and often on the phone for his job as a Computer System Specialist. When he’s not at his computer rolling dice, you can probably find him at family game night, on a baseball field, on the ice playing Skatey-Punchy, or taking long walks on the beach.

The Merc with the Mouth and the Master of Tokens can be found on Discord (@Reg) or by email at He’s always up for a chat, but be aware he will probably shoot you back a list of ‘blank’ character cards he’s looking for to complete his collection.


SuperK joined the World of Dice Masters in 2017 and is the organizer of Dice Masters events at local gaming store Showdown Gaming Cafe in Mississauga. She’s married, a stay-at-home Mom to a young son (whom she has already taught to love rolling dice!), and is a self-considered “Tomboy Geek.”

SuperK trolls the inter-webs to Round Up all the YouTube vids for Dice Masters each month is the other half of the crew on the A Double Double ‘n Dice podcast.

SuperK’s DM style is off-meta, interesting teams, and she is determined that she will get Orbital Strike to work consistently, one of these days. She took Team Up to Can Nats 2019 and made top 8 in a field of Collectors, Atoms and Icemans. You can read her WHYP articles and also catch her streaming Dice Masters games on Dice Social and other Tournaments/Events. 

When not rolling dice, you’ll find SuperK playing board games, on her Playstation (a favourite is the Metal Gear Solid Series), drawing (check out Draw Everything), doing any sort of arts & crafts, on the baseball field, or at the park with her son.

Our Goals

We want to bring you the awesome Dice Masters content that you want, need and crave…and that we love to share with you. We want to create conversation and continue to build this fantastic Dice Masters community.

Team building is in our hearts, so we’ve made it the heart and soul of our content. We share the good, the bad, and the Beholder-level crazy; the stuff you may not have considered, and how to navigate the finer points of this game. 

A focus on our weekly team builds at our local stores and/or online and how they performed.




Pulling cards out of the dark, untouched corners of your card binder and showing you why you may want to put them on your playmat.



We take those tricky rule interactions and explain them in better detail.




Our monthly online gameplay competition, where each month you’re given a new format to build and we gather online to play the teams with our great community.


As WizKids brings collectibility back into the fold, watch for updates to the Essentials List, cards we feel are team staples and have meta-level importance.


Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair, and join Kim and Jocelyn as they chat about, Dice Masters, on a A Double Double ‘n Dice podcast.



Join the ladies of A Double Double ‘n as they host a monthly online event, Dice Social. This is a casual event with the emphasis on SOCIAL!



You’ll also see updates from each of us on our travels and participation in competitive Dice Masters events, Dice Masters arts & crafts articles and videos, and anything else we can dream up. 

We’ll be sharing more of our own gameplay videos on our YouTube channel.


We also like to collaborate with the other DM content creators, so watch for more cross-promotion with The Ministry of Dice, The Weekly Dice Arena, CR Game Room, DMArmada, DM United, Dice Fight, and The Dice Coalition. 

Where do we go from here?

Check us out on a regular basis.  We promise to keep the content going as long as you are willing to read it.  Please feel free to comment on the content and give us feedback on what we post.  

Thanks for reading!  We love being on this adventure with you.  Keep rolling those dice!

5 Replies to “About Us

  1. Thanks for your website! I love Dice Masters, but am not in a location where there is a community to play with/against. I just play with my daughters. I LOVE your injustice cards! I will be a regular here, checking out your site.

  2. After seeing limited spoilers for Infinity Gauntlet, and yes very few, I saw 3 cards and wondered if there was anything to them together. Wong “2nd Rate Jarvis”, SuperGiant “Mind Control”, and Black Panther “Might of Wakanda”? Asking, Thanks Steve

    1. Steve,
      This what was I read about Wong and ‘2nd Rate Jarvis’
      “When I dedicated my life in service to you as Sorcerer Supreme…I remember I closed my eyes and prayed that one day I would grow up to be a second-rate Jarvis …”

      For Supergiant…
      Supergiant is a mental parasite; a telepathic, unstable omnipath who can control, alter, devour and steal the minds of others.

      I got nothing for Black Panther card…

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