A Thanksgiving Feast of Plants & Animals

I am back! ccm00007 needed some more time for his special project, so I bring you another fun-thank-tastic article. Our local group this week did not play dice masters as it was the last Thursday in the month which is Heroclix for us. My article will be based on the Weekly Dice Arena theme, Thanksgiving Feast.
This was a Golden Age event. All characters on a player’s team must either have a plant/animal in its name OR appear to be (or partially be) a plant or animal.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the US Peeps!

What Did You Play?

The Team:  A Thanksgiving Feast of Plants & Animals.

I knew right off the bat, I wanted to use Wolverine: Canucklehead (thanks to comicsmike for the card!) as my main win con. But, and don’t laugh, I had to look up if Wolverine was an animal. Whew, it is! (your laughing aren’t you?) He pretty much would do unblockable damage when attacking alone. I also wanted to have some more beefy characters and went with two of my other favourite characters, Gorilla Grodd™: Brains and Brawn and King Shark™: Feeding Frenzy. Grodd would be another unblockable character (cause who is really going to have a crossover character in this format) and same with Shark, if my opponent didn’t have two characters in the field zone or a crossover character, he’s unblockable. I wanted to have some annoying cards against my opponent. I went with Wasp: Founding Avenger which pings my opponents life when they use a global ability and she has a global that could backfire, would have to keep that in mind. I hope my opponent would bring globals they need and would take damage when they use it. Sage: Psionic Firewall which makes my opponent pay an extra energy to field their non-sidekick characters and Toad: Tongue Lashing which forces my opponent to attack with their non-sidekick characters. If I do purchase Toad, I would hope I can roll him on his burst face as my opponent would have to attack with all their non-sidekick characters and take 2 damage, could KO them. Also, I need to be sure I have a field if Toad is active just in case my opponent characters have high defence values. To help ping out characters if need be, I added Hawkeye: Longbow which would do his attack value to a target opposing character and Poison Ivy: Criminal Because of Love which does the damage to all opposing characters and opponents life based on the level of the KO character, which I could KO Ivy and keep the combo going. Out of all 8 cards, I never used 6 of them … good or bad? My big guys are high cost, I would need help with ramp which only left my basic action cards. To lower cost, I used Big Entrance and for ramp, Resurrection.


Did I have a good feast?

Game 1:



Game 2:

vs Nicks Infinite Robin

I believe the only card we shared was Grodd but the teams was quite different. He had globals on the team and first turn I bought Wasp to start doing some paper cut damage. I knew I wanted to get Wolverine. I bought Big Entrance and was able to res on my second turn. I was hoping for 5 energy and big entrance to purchase Wolverine on my next turn and he would go into the bag. I pulled Big Entrance, Wasp and 3 sidekicks. Wasp didn’t roll on her character face but on double energy face, big entrance didn’t roll on first attempt. The game was still in the early stages and not re-rolling Wasp wouldn’t hurt to much, I just needed big entrance to roll and I could purchase Wolverine with the 5 energy. Rolls were in my favour, Wolverine was bought and went to the bag. To add more annoyance, I bought Sage and Wolverine rolled and did his thang, unblockable for 5 damage. This game was going smoothly. Nick, was buying his Teen Titans characters and when I read the cards, I add no idea what his win con was and what he wanted to accomplish. I kept trekking, doing my paper cut damage and Wolverine damage, which second time around, using his GigANTa global to spin up Wolverine to level 3 for 8 damage. Nick did buy GigANTa and still, I had no idea what he was doing, kept trekking. Eventually, Wolverine rolled again and came in for the last damage for the win. After, I did ask Nick what his win con was. He said …
GigANTa gets a +1/+1 buff any time a character spins up, either side. Combo it with the Teen Titans Robin. You would need Robin and 1 other Teen Titan die active (Raven for him). Then, roll a Teen Titan die to it’s energy face to activate Robin’s ability, which is not limited in times per turn. You can spin up/down a Teen Titan 100 times or more. GigANTa is then at +100/+100 and line up an action die to give her Overcrush.
Nick had all the components he needed, but it never lined up for him as he wanted it to. DMArmada did a video on this combo that you can check out here


Game 3:

vs Regs Beetle Killer

For this game, I wanted to try something different and go with Toad, Poison Ivy and Hawkeye and do the damage. Reg didn’t have any globals on his team, not sure if Wasp would be helpful unless he started to use my globals heavily. First turn, went straight to Big Entrance. I managed to roll 6 energy but didn’t buy a big gun, went with Wasp on second turn (which I said I wouldn’t do). Wasp rolled again on double energy and being early in the game, bought Toad. Reg’s characters defence wasn’t high, maybe we can see what Toad can do. Also, bought a Hawkeye. My plan was going somewhat on the right track. Reg’s beetle was doing his slow damage when he fielded villains but with Firefly coming to the table, more damage was being dealt as when Firefly is fielded, “deal 1 damage to your opponent for each bolt character die you control.” which Reg had bolt characters. Toad was KO’ing his characters but I realised (probably to late), I was giving him ramp, his when fielded characters were doing me damage and he kept rolling back his characters. I needed to change gears. I did manage to roll Big Entrance and 5 energies and gave in and bought King Shark (wrong decision), I needed to do damage. When Shark did come out (with only a sidekick in Reg’s field), he didn’t roll! AH!, that could have been a turning point to death. I bought a Poison Ivy, mucking up my bag. Reg was doing more damage at this point up to 5-6. And eventually with only one character in my field, Reg pushed with 5 characters and using Wasp global to do that last damage for the win.


You can find the game play videos on WDA’s Twitch channel.


  • My game against Reg:
    • I made some bad purchasing decisions. I should have went with Wolverine or Grodd when I had the energy as the game was going slow with the paper cut damages on both sides.
    • Toad was good and bad, he KO’ed characters but the characters kept rolling back and dealing me damage.
    • With Toad, I needed more characters in the field zone. Without that, I lost in the end.

Overall, I was happy with my build. There wasn’t any cards I would have majorly changed. The format was fun and I enjoyed playing with cards that never saw play with me. My tummy was full with a great feast!

Keep It Rollin’


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