A Painful Mirage

Week 9 of our Legacy League here! With 86 cards banned, there are still a lot of heavy hitters out there, but I don’t want any of those. Nah, instead I want to make the Squirrel Girl global work. As well as the Dani Moonstar that hardly anyone uses. Both of those cards look like they’re quite underrated, so I just said: the heck with it, let’s use them together! The result was…

A Painful Mirage

The Team:  For those who don’t get the title: Dani Moonstar is also called Mirage…

Format: Legacy League (all cards from winning teams banned, including BACs)

The basic concept of the team is, I admit, rather convoluted. I use Dani Moonstar to trigger damage at the beginning of my opponent’s turn. I redirect that damage using Squirrel Girl’s global (remember that, per the rulebook, you can use globals to redirect or prevent damage outside of the usual global windows), and hit Babs or Hulk.

Babs or Hulk then KO opposing characters as a result of taking damage. The characters KO’d this way will stay in Prep until their next turn (since you only roll dice from the Prep Area that was put there on a previous turn). In addition, if I have additional fists, I can use Squirrel Girl’s global to redirect one of Babs’ damage back to her or Hulk to do additional removal. It’s nuts! (pun absolutely intended)

To make this work, I need some ramp. I used three cards for this. First, Iron Fist for cheap fists, and who can reduce damage if I’m up against burn teams. Next, Misdirection (to get stuff in the field when I need it, and also do a bit of ramp). And finally, Heimdall, which is pretty self-explanatory (used the common this time, since the rare is already banned).

But wait…how does this team actually win? Good question. I threw in Doppelganger, to make an army of Hulks just swinging in for the win (also helps with blankers like Dwarf Wizard, who is somehow still legal!). And of course, my old buddy Toad, the source of many fun shenanigans. Force my opponent to attack, and their non-sidekicks get blocked by Babs of Hulk, KO’ing anything that’s still alive and leaving an empty field for me to attack in.

As for the last slot, I put in End of Days; Ultraman is still around, and this was put in exclusively for the purpose of trolling him. (plus, that would allow me to potentially trigger Iron Fist and Prep a Hulk or Toad)

And with that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

For my first test of the evening, I went up against Collector + Nobby. I quickly took her Investigation dice for ramp, then went for Hulk, Babs and Dani, with a Doppelganger in the mix. I then started funky control by using Dani with Squirrel Girl’s global (targeting Hulk, Babs, or a Doppelganger copying Hulk) to mess up my opponent’s pace. Iron Fist earned his keep as well, slowing down the Nobby damage. I kept building up a board and messing up her strategy, and eventually, Toad hit the board. By that point, I was down to 4 life, but I had plenty of blockers. My opponent was forced to attack with everything, and ended up with an empty field. I attacked and won on the following turn. Just in time, as this was a rough game that could’ve easily gone either way.


Game 2:

Keeping things lighthearted, I faced off against Ultraman. This match was weird; some unfortunate rolls on his end, combined with my removal (thanks Hulk!), meant he couldn’t keep characters on the board for long. One unlucky turn, he ended up with no active characters. I then Misdirection’d in a second (!) Hulk and attacked with all of my characters for 18 damage (bringing my opponent to 1 life). The following turn, my opponent set up Ultraman in Prep with 2 Kryptonites in the bag…but since he was at 1 life, I just had to use his own R Wasp global on my turn and, in a very anticlimactic way, I won.


Game 3:

For my final match of the evening…Iceman? My opponent’s initial reaction: “can I swap out my BACs for this match?” He was bringing me Unstable Canister. You can imagine how this went. Hulk was key here, both for removal (which can happen right before the Attack step, thanks to Canister) and for giant stats dealing way too much damage. Iceman did some damage (helped by XMF Jubilee!), but my opponent simply could not get around my removal engine. I eventually emptied his board using Canister+Hulk and attacked with everything for the win.



-For starters, I should point out that this was not, by any stretch, the most optimal way to build this team. Had I run Green Goliath instead of Jade Giant, I could’ve reliably used Squirrel Girl to redirect damage to Hulk repeatedly and consistently wipe my opponent’s board. I also could’ve put Magic Missile on the team and triggered shenanigans more consistently on my opponent’s turn. However, that would’ve been overkill and not nearly as fun to use. Still, if you want to take the base concept and make it stronger, those are avenues to explore.

-I also looked at UC Daisy Johnson for this team (which would’ve been a great way to get the finishing blow; her ability would trigger all Hulks and Babs as I’d attack with them). However, I avoided using her due to my ongoing agreement with another player that I don’t run stuff from his team.

-As for what I actually used, the Dani + Squirrel Girl + Babs/Hulk interaction worked like a charm. It completely confused my opponents to know that their stuff was gone and that they couldn’t roll it until the next turn.

-I often waited before getting Toad, and I should not have; I should’ve gone for him early. With no Magic Missile in my build, he was the best way for me to get the finishing blow. Crash into my wall of stuff, your board empties, and I attack for the win.

Overall, this was a blast to run; everything worked as intended, and while it was slow to win, the sheer shenanigans of my removal engine were a wonder to behold. I wonder if there’s a way to make Dani + Squirrel Girl useful in Modern somehow. I doubt it, but I want to look into it.

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