A Double Double ‘n Dice Ep25: Keep Calm and Roll Dice

Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair, and join Kim and Jocelyn to chat about our favourite dice rolling game, Dice Masters, on a A Double Double ‘n Dice podcast.

We’ll be talking about a different topic each week and hope you’ll join us to sit back, chill out, and enjoy the conversation about anything ‘n everything Dice Masters.

Pour your favourite beverage, pull up a comfy chair ‘cuz we are ready to roll.

This week, Kim and Jocelyn piggyback off the recent Ministry of Dice episode, in which Chris and Andy try to determine why the online Dice Masters community seems so down in response to the delay of Dark Phoenix Saga and lack of communication from WizKids about the delay itself.  We share some of our thoughts and would love to hear yours.  If you’ve already sent your thoughts to the Ministry of Dice, just forward us that email. 🙂 To end the episode, we delve into the mailbag for a few comments, before heading off to build our Chaotic Dice Social teams (if you missed it, watch for a February date soon). 

Until next time, on a Double Double ‘n Dice!

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Music heard on this podcast is courtesy of a Creative Commons license, check out Kevin MacLeod on Incompetech.com.
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4 Replies to “A Double Double ‘n Dice Ep25: Keep Calm and Roll Dice

  1. Why am I feeling in a funk regarding the whole Dark Phoenix Saga saga?

    The joke has always been DM is the red-headed stepchild, and Heroclix the favourite child. But I’m sure even the most annoying of stepchildren still get fed and acknowledged by the parents. We’re not even getting *that* now.

    And it’s not a Wizkids thing in general. In the last four months, from September 25th until January 25th, they tweeted 38 times promoting Heroclix [across Galactus, Maximum Venom Carnage, House of M]. Over the same period, one tweet for Dice Masters.

    When delays hit Heroclix, they repeatedly acknowledged this and provided new release dates which shifted, but they kept updating.

    So it’s not that “corporations are bad at communication”. Because they do it well enough for other product.

    It comes down to them not giving a single care about us, frankly. It’s not about the product itself. It’s not about needing more product so soon after the IG set, it’s not about delays when we know the world is going slow. It’s that we invest all this time and money in their product, so much time and effort making shows like this about the product, and they can’t even send a single tweet about it to allay any concerns.

    I think that’s the funk for a lot of people. We care so much about this and they couldn’t care less. I saw it said we made the rod for our own back. This core contingent will always buy everything when it’s out. I wonder how stable and consistent the DM sales are. If, say, the loyal 200 are always buying on release, do they even need to make any effort? The machine runs itself. I wonder how much Heroclix varies, due to faster releases, more expensive material, differing IPs which might not appeal. They probably have to make more effort to keep the buzz, whereas we do all the DM buzz ourselves.

    So when you say “I don’t get my hopes up”, it’s not about that. It’s not about getting hopes up and them failing to deliver. It’s the disregard for us as customers.

  2. One aspect not really covered in your discussion which may be causing frustration and consternation about Dice Masters is financial. Wizkids does ask for people to preorder their products from their FLGS so there is real money that is involved in waiting for a product being released. With a counter top display MSRP being $90 there can be significant amounts of money people lay out and when they get no information about delays or possible expectations they rightfully can be upset. To uplift the community there is a need for Wizkids to be a better business partner in the arrangements they ask people to be part of. If everyone really can live with a attitude that if something comes out I may buy it versus a model of preorder and planning on purchasing product people could avoid being unhappy.

    1. Hey Craig, thanks for your comment. Those are good points that we didn’t consider, as our local store doesn’t have us pay until there’s a confirmed shipping date. We are really lucky in that way. It’s good feedback and we thank you for taking the time to share.

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