Globals Galore!

Finally, a non-draft Team!

Globals Galore

This was built for our continuing Achievement League. It was built for really 3 achievements: 1. All of your cards must have Globals and you must use every Global in a game; 2. Use no Globals, and your Team must have at least one Global; and 3. Build an all Rare Team. Nothing really more to the strategy here. Let’s see how it worked:

Game 1:

Against a Spider-Friends Team. Turn 1 VP and Rez. Turn 2 Grodd. Mix in all the other Globals and used the Firefly one when attacking with Grodd for increased damage. Honestly I bought 1 Grodd die and that was it. I made some ridiculous pulls and rolls and Grodd came out every time.  (1-0)

Game 2:

This was my “no global” game. Let’s just say this team is poor without ramp. Luckily my opponent had Candlekeep, so I bought that. Still could not get things going. It was an ugly game as we were both shooting for achievements, so we were not playing our best. He won, as I refused to use my Globals when they would have helped me.  (1-1)

Game 3:

Bye! STILL undefeated against that guy.

2-1 for the day.


Gimmick Team plain and simple. It was actually kind of fun flipping things around with all the Globals. With the new Thor energy fixers, I am sure there were some more shenanigans to have. Unblockable damage is never a bad thing so, Grodd is a solid choice for something like this. Would this stand up in competitive play? Not a chance. Still fun though.

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