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Thank to the Double Burst Gang for tonight’s theme.  On one of the recent episodes of the Podcast, they discussed a Limited Wish format.  The format works like this:

  • Start the game with 7 Sidekicks and 1 Limited Wish die.  The Limited Wish die starts the game in Transition.
  • You must have 3 characters on your Team with a purchase cost of 7 or greater.  Each of these characters can only have 1 die on them.  You cannot purchase these characters.  You can only “wish” them in.
  • The rest of the Team build is open to your imagination.

With that in mind, here is how tonight went.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Boom Boom To The Extreme.

With this format, I knew what my first two cards would be…  I was going with the 10 costs, Phoenix Force and Thanos.  There are actually two 10 cost Thanos to choose from, so I had to narrow down my choice.  That comes later.  I needed one other expensive character and debated on Ultron for the 9 cost, but settled on Obelisk.  I went with the Super Rare version because he would be a great way to burn my opponent for fielding characters.  Half the Team was built (almost).

The next piece of the puzzle was Phoenix Storm.  I have been wanting to try her out for a long time, and figured having some high cost dice circulating would be a great use of her ability.

Storm could be great, but not really a solid win condition on her own.  I was looking at some cheap options to go with and decided upon my old friend Boom Boom.  She is cheap and excellent burn on an action based Team.  I will be honest and I decided to take the easy way out and put Power Bolt on the Team.  Boom Boom and Power Bolt are just brutal together.  Because I decided that I was going to focus on this win condition, I narrowed down my Thanos choice.  I would use the OP Thanos that allows me to use every BAC when he attacks.  Based on the Ultraman ruling, this would trigger Boom Boom and horrible things happen.

But… what if someone buys my Power Bolts out from under me?  Enter a card that I have always wanted to use, but have never had much success with… Mr. Mxyzptlk.  This little Imp will let me use BAC’s when my opponent uses them.  Again, triggering Boom Boom each time this happens.  He would give me that defense needed when my opponent would choose to Power Bolt me in my face.

I had one slot left, and toyed with some control options like Blob or Constantine, but then I was reminded of this beauty (by ccm00007)… Mimic: Calvin Rankin.  I chose him for a few reasons.  The main one being that he could become a copy of Boom Boom (ability wise), but because he maintains his own name the damage would be separate.  Now the Boom Boom machine has just doubled in effectiveness.  Finally, he could become anything else on demand.  I my opponent had something bad, he could be it.  A fairly decent utility piece.

Having one BAC slot left, I decided upon Long Live The Resistance.  I figured this Team had the potential to take some serious hits to the face before it started going and if I got Thanos out, I would have life gain as an option.

Let’s see how it ran.

Game 1:

My opponent brought the Egyptian Gods as his wish cards, and made use of Multiple Man, Rip Hunter, Baron Zemo, and I forget the fourth card.  I got to an early Boom Boom/Power Bolt, but that was not the fun part.  For my first wish, I chose Phoenix Force as I had never used this die in my life.  Got it and eventually got it out, which saved me from his Obelisk.  I let it through for 1 damage.  I eventually got my Mimic out and used to to be all sorts of things.  Baron Zemo to allow action rerolls, Phoenix Force for the stats, his Obelisk for the stats and potential blocking damage, and finally Boom Boom for the killing blow.  I got Thanos out and attacked with him for way more damage than necessary.


Game 2:

The big wish options here were Red Dragon, Dracolich, and Purple Worm.  He also had Scorching Ray as one of his BAC options.  He was not having much luck with his wish rolls.  I was able to get Boom Boom, Mimic, and Mxy out.  Mxy proved to be the MVP in this game as when he would use his Scorching Ray against me, I was able to use it against him along with the burn damage.  It was one of these plays that ended the game.


Game 3:

Egyptian Gods were the wish fodder again (I swear almost everyone brought Obelisk tonight).  The rest of the Team was my worst nightmare:  Switch and Constantine.  Action hate against a Team that needed BAC’s to win.  Unfortunately Switch came out before my first wish and messed with that.  I managed to get Mimic out and made a Switch of my own to mess with his rolls.  Two Switch’s made life a little tough, but eventually both of use were able to roll past the odds.  He got Obelisk out and punched me hard.  I got Thanos out with Mimic and Boom Boom and punched harder.  I had switched Mimic to copy Boom Boom before the Attack Step and once Thanos attacked, it was 4 damage per BAC.


Game 4:

Beholder (Thanos-lite), Purple Worm, and Thanos (unblockable) were the wishes on this Team.  He also had Scorching Ray and the Falcon that makes Sidekicks unblockable.  Neither of us had ramp, so Mimic took longer to get to in this game.  I brought out Obelisk with my first wish to start burning him when he fielded characters.  Mxy helped to rebound damage from actions when they were used.  I managed some Boom Boom damage, but she was always the prime target of Power Bolt when he used it.  The win actually came from all of that softening and switching Mimic to his Thanos.  I now had a 9/9 unblockable character on my side.  He would be dead on the next turn.  He attacked with everything and I let it through as I had enough life to burn.  Walked through with my unblockable Mimic for the win.



This format was super fun and I highly recommend you try it out if you get a chance.  I will be honest, that playing Boom Boom/Power Bolt felt a little dirty and I don’t see myself playing that combo again.  It just fit with the other pieces so well that I had to try it.

Let’s talk about Mimic though.  He proved to be one of the best utility pieces in the games tonight.  He was what I needed, when I needed it.  I cannot believe that I have never used this card before.  There is so much potential for him on so many builds.  If the meta ever slows down, I could see him making some Teams.

The rest of the Team worked really well together.  Unfortunately, I never had a chance to outright purchase Phoenix Storm, so I never had a chance to use her ability.  I also couldn’t wish for her, as I always was trying to get one of the big dice when it rolled.  Maybe another time for that one.

I enjoyed the way this Team ran, and Mimic really added something to the games.  I had to think about what his best use was and when the best time to switch him would be.  Overall, a fun Team and a really fun format.

If you had 3 wishes to purchase Dice Masters characters, what would they be?  Have you made use of this Mimic?  What would you have done differently on this Team?  Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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