2023 Dice Masters World Championship

Welcome to our 2023 Dice Masters World Championship weekend coverage.  The Dice Masters World Championships are being held on August 5th at Gen Con in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Good luck to all of the players participating!

Even though there is no live stream of the event this year, we want to provide as much coverage as we can.  Here you will find our coverage of the Worlds event that was held at Gen Con 2023.  Scroll on down to see some preliminary Team analysis, as well as Team Lists as they become available.  This will be more of a raw information series of articles, with possible analysis to follow.  

Huge thank you to Community Member extrordanaire, Jackalopespam, for getting the information out for everyone to see during the Event.

Top 10 World Championship Cards

  1. Typhoid Mary – Red Rubber Boots (7)
  2. Distraction – Basic Action Card (5)
  3. Mister Sinister – Dark Experimentation (5)
  4. Master Mold – Endless Sentinels (5)
  5. Drax – The Pacifist (4)
  6. Dark Phoenix – Destructive Force (4)
  7. Villainous Pact – Basic Action Card (4)
  8. Black Widow – Widow’s Hunt (4)
  9. Invisible Woman – Also Dr. Richards (3)
  10. Molecule Man – Megalomaniac (3)

2023 World Championship Team Links

Here you will find the Team Builder Team Links for all of the participants, as well as their Swiss records.

Round 1 Results

  • Petrus C over Lucan O
  • Alex C over Craig H
  • Jocelyn B over Rob L
  • Arge O over Mike S
  • Ian P over Scott T
  • Charlie W tied Dewayne S
  • Elliot M tied Ben S

Round 2 Results

  • Petrus C over Alex C
  • Arge O over Joeclyn B
  • Ian P tied Charlie W
  • Dewayne S over Elliot M
  • Ben S over Lucan O
  • Rob L over Craig H
  • Mike S over Scott T

Round 3 Results

  • Petrus C over Arge O
  • Dewayne S over Ian P
  • Ben S over Jocelyn B
  • Mike S over Alex C
  • Rob L over Charlie W
  • Lucan O over Elliot M
  • Scott T tied Craig H

Round 4 Results

  • Ben S over Petrus C
  • Dewayne S over Arge O
  • Mike S over Rob L
  • Ian P over Jocelyn B
  • Lucan O over Alex C
  • Charlie W over Craig H
  • Elliot M over Scott T

Top Cut Results

  • Ben S over Mike S
  • Dewayne S over Petrus C

Final Results

  • Ben S over Dewayne S

World Championship Winner

Congratulations Ben!

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