2022 Dice Masters US Nationals

Welcome to our 2022 Dice Masters World Championship weekend coverage.  The Dice Masters World Championships are being held from September 16th to 18th in Memphis, Tenessee.  Constructed and Draft events will be held over the weekend.  The Constructed Events include Pauper, Modern, and Global Escalation.  Good luck to all of the players participating!

Even though there is no live stream of the event this year, we want to provide as much coverage as we can.  Here you will find our coverage of the US Nationals event that was held on September 16.  Scroll on down to see some preliminary Team analysis, as well as Team Lists as they become available.  This will be more of a raw information series of articles, with possible analysis to follow.  

Top 10 US Nationals Cards

  1. Villainous Pact – Basic Action Card (11)
  2. Mister Sinister – Dark Experimentation (10)
  3. Dark Phoenix – Destructive Force (10)
  4. Master Mold – Endless Sentinels (8)
  5. Robin – Flying Grayson (8)
  6. Wolverine – Trainer (7)
  7. Slingers – Basic Action Card (6)
  8. Mister Mind – Library of Eternity (5)
  9. Starro – Minions (5)
  10. The Front Line – Basic Action Card (4)

US Nationals Team Links

Here you will find the Team Builder Team Links for all of the participants, as well as their Swiss ranking.

Top Cut Results

US Nationals Winner

Congrats to Dana P for winning the 2022 Dice Masters US Nationals!!

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