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Welcome to our joint coverage of the 2019 Dice Masters World Championships from Memphis, Tennessee.  DMArmada, The Weekly Dice Arena, CR Gameroom and ourselves are joining forces to give you all full access to all of the Dice Masters happenings at the home of Elvis Presley.

Here, you will find all of the Team Lists, match results and winner of the Dice Masters World Championship Event.

Live streaming and commentary is provided courtesy of The Weekly Dice Arena and DMArmada.  In the event that there are WiFi issues, the videos will be recorded and uploaded to their respective YouTube pages.  

This is a Modern Constructed Event where you will be seeing the best of the best in the world of Dice Masters.  Good luck to all of the participants!

2019 World Championship Team Lists

Rob LTeam

Matt JTeam

Jacob HTeam

Laurier BTeam

Ben STeam

Craig HTeam

Troy MTeam

Ian PTeam

Dan OTeam

Ian PTeam

Henry CTeam

Todd WTeam

Chris CTeam

Ben DTeam

Jocelyn BTeam

Patrick BTeam

Chris ZTeam

Henry ZTeam

Andy MTeam

Robert ZTeam

Michael PhTeam

Charles WTeam

Petrus CTeam

Robert HTeam

Jo VTeam

Patrick KTeam

Pete HTeam

Michael PiTeam

Stephen BTeam

Melissa STeam

Lucan OTeam

Dewayne STeam

Dennis BTeam

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Top 8

Rob LTeam vs Matt JTeam

Jacob HTeam vs Laurier BTeam

Ben STeam vs Ian PTeam

Troy MTeam vs Craig HTeam

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Top 4

Rob LTeam vs Laurier BTeam

Ben STeam vs Troy MTeam

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Laurier BTeam vs Ben STeam

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2019 World Champion

Ben “Please Not Another YGO Factory Set” Scott

Congratulations Ben on your well deserved victory!

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