2019 Dice Masters World Championship Coverage

Welcome to our joint coverage of the 2019 Dice Masters World Championships from Memphis, Tennessee.  DMArmada, The Weekly Dice Arena, CR Gameroom and ourselves are joining forces to give you all full access to all of the Dice Masters happenings at the home of Elvis Presley.

This will be your online portal to get all of your up to date information for coverage of this event.  Below, you will find links to each of the major Events taking place.  There you can get the Team lists to see what Teams are competing as well as results as they occur.

Each page, including this one, will have the most up to date Feeds from the various Streamers who are providing video coverage of the Events.  Click on one of the links below to head over to the detailed Event Page.

Main Event  |

Global Escalation  |

Pauper   |

10/10  |

Photos from today’s Event can be found in our Image Galleries.  Thanks to everyone for contributing to this.

DMArmada YouTube Live Stream

Weekly Dice Arena Live Twitch Stream

Watch live video from Final Ross Battle on www.twitch.tv

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  1. What about the preview drafts? I’m just here for the sneaky peaks at the prototype cards! Where can one go to make sure they see those?

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