2019 Canadian National Championship Coverage

As many of you know, the Dice Masters Canadian National Championships will take place in Gatineau, Québec at Multizone Comics and Games. The Tournament is scheduled tomorrow and will be starting at 10:00 AM local time.

The Facebook link to the Event can be found here.  All of the details will be found in that link.  We will try and mirror some of the important information here.

When the event goes live, you will be able to watch the tournaments live, on Twitch down below.

Streaming is provided courtesy of Shahin, who will also be providing live commentary. Please note that he’s also the head judge for the tournament, so there may be interruptions in commentary and in chat comments as he answers rules questions (though the streaming will continue).  In the event that there are WiFi issues, the videos will be recorded and uploaded to the Dice Masters Ottawa YouTube Page (14 July 2019 – YouTube Videos are now uploaded).  Many thanks to Shahin, who’s a boon to the Canadian Dice Masters community and has been for years.

A quick pre-Tournament interview with the 2018 Intercontinental Champion Ben Scott.

Photos from today’s Event can be found in our Image Galleries.  Thanks to Ben, Jocelyn and Shahin for providing these.

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Twitch Coverage

Tournament Rulings

Team Lists

Top 8

Top 4



Live Twitch Stream

Watch live video from PoweredAV on www.twitch.tv

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Tournament Rulings

These are questions that have been asked to be ruled on specifically for this Tournament.  The answers provided are from the Head Judge, and will be how these interactions will be played for this Tournament.  The original posts can be found on the Facebook Event Page, and have been reprinted with permission to help spread the word.

Nova Corps Uniform Ruling (Any Version)

Here is the relevant text shared by each version from “Dice Masters Keyword Clarification” page:  “Continuous: Attach this die to target character die. While attached, that character die….

Based on this amended text and rulings plus similar wording of Ring of Magnetism, Nova Corps Uniform may be attached to an opponent controlled character die.

Poison Ivy: A New Leaf’s Global Ruling

Poison Ivy: A New Leaf 
While Poison Ivy is active, when an opponent purchases the last die on a card, deal that opponent 3 damage.
Global: Pay mask mask. Once on your turn, you may remove a die on any card from the game. You may not remove the last die on the card.

Madame Web: Cassandra Webb (Uncommon)
When Madame Web attacks, move target opposing character die to her character card until end of turn.

Until an official ruling is made clarifying the intent of Poison Ivy’s global, then taking the wording as is, it can be used to remove a die on a card from the game even if that die did not start the game on that card. For example a die placed on Madame Web by her own effect. Another example is Eye of Agamotto (any version) which also gets placed on a card by its own effect (“When used, place this die on a Basic Action Card…”).

Black Widow: Agent Ruling

Black Widow: Agent
While Black Widow is active, reduce damage from opposing character’s abilities by 1. Your opponent can’t target Black Widow with Global Abilities.

Due to Black Widow only specifying the source of the ability damage she reduces, her affect would reduce all ability damage from opposing character dice regardless of what the damage is being directed at. That is to say, she would reduce damage from opposing characters that is directed at you, your character dice, your opponent, and your opponent’s character dice

Energy Field Clarification

Wizkids Official Errata

Please make note of the last paragraph that states this will NOT apply for Canadian Nationals 2019 due to the short notice. We will be using the wording as is on the card.

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Canadian Nationals Team Lists

Christine:  Iceman/Magic Missile

Claude:  Boom Boom

Stephane:  Collector/Nobby/Canary

Nicholas:  Gold Dragon

Alexandre C:  Boom Boom/Hope & Morph/Betrayal

Alexandre G:  Boom Boom

Laurier:  Atom/Energy Field

Ben S:  Atom/Energy Field (no dice counts)

Francis:  Fixit

Petrus:  Collector/Nobby/Canary

Kim:  Team Up

Jocelyn:  Atom/Energy Field

Rob:  Iceman/Magic Missile

JT:  Black Canary/Danger Room

Loic:  Atom/Energy Field & Boom Boom

Follow along through the WIN System to see the match results of the Swiss Rounds.


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Top 8

Laurier:  Atom/Energy Field vs Jocelyn:  Atom/Energy Field

Petrus:  Collector/Nobby/Canary vs Rob:  Iceman/Magic Missile

Ben S:  Atom/Energy Field vs Kim:  Team Up

Christine:  Iceman/Magic Missile vs JT:  Black Canary/Danger Room


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Top 4

Laurier:  Atom/Energy Field vs JT:  Black Canary/Danger Room

Ben S:  Atom/Energy Field vs Rob:  Iceman/Magic Missile


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Laurier:  Atom/Energy Field vs Rob:  Iceman/Magic Missile


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2019 Canadian National ChampionCongrats Laurier!

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